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School of Public Health

Profile of the School

1. Aspirations and Commitments of the School

The School of Public Health is guided by the Mount Kenya University Vision, Mission, Values, Motto, Philosophy, Academic Character and Comparative Advantage.

Vision: To be a global centre of excellence in offering Public Health solutions.

Mission: To offer world class teaching, learning, research, innovation, and investments in Public Health for accelerated, equitable and sustainable individual, family, community, society, national, and global human health and prosperity. The School’s mission includes coaching, mentorship and counselling of students and staff to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge, skills and attitudes to be competent, marketable, and champions of public health and prosperity from womb to tomb and generation to generation in Eastern Africa, rest of Africa and beyond.

Values: Innovation, Integrity, Academic freedom, Equity and Competitiveness.

2.History and Comparative Advantage at School Level

Roots: The school of Public Health has evolved from the Department of public health and has become the most recent school to be established in Mount Kenya University in the year 2015. It has been nurtured through the School of Health Sciences which was one of the founding schools, the others being School of Pure and Applied Sciences and School of Applied Social Sciences, School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing and School of Clinical Medicine.

Innovation: The comparative advantage and added value of the School of Public Health is its practical and tailor-made customer-oriented innovative programmes. The School’s programmes are heavily weighted in preparation of students for the market in public and private sectors, nationally and also internationally.

The school has become part of the of Life-Cycle and Settings Approach whose goal is to ensure that all Mount Kenya University graduates and staff have life-time personal and professional knowledge, skills and attitudes for individual, family, target settings , community, society, national and global peace, security and prosperity. These competencies will produce all rounded ethical and value- and purpose-driven professionals able to scale the heights of education from local to global citizens who think globally and act locally to meet aspirations and commitments of families, individuals, communities, societies and nations.

Alignment: The School is aligned to sub-national and national human resource needs through collaborations with National Regulatory Authorities, responsible for indexing students while in training, and registration upon successful completion of the courses offered. Because of its roots and innovation, National Regulatory Authorities - e.g. Ministry of Health (MoH), Public Health Officers and Technicians Council (PHOTEC) and Kenya Nutritionists and Dietitician’s Institute (KNDI) – will now use the School of Public Health for their Board Examinations and staff to review curriculum and participate in Board Examinations. These alignments and comparative advantage of the School of Public Health, and uniqueness of its departments, ensure that graduates of the School are rapidly absorbed into the Public and Private Sectors and hold positions of influence, control and authority at sub-national, national and international levels.

Teaching Staff: The School of Public Health is keen on staff development through post-graduate training at Master’s and Doctorate levels, research, collaborations with other institutions and other knowledge and skills enhancing activities. Academic staff members are always advised, encouraged and facilitated, and where necessary mentored, to advance their careers.

Locations: Programmes offered by the School of Public Health in Kenya are offered in the Main Campus in Thika and Campuses in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kakamega, Eldoret, Kisii, Nkubu/Meru, Malindi, Lodwar, Lodwar, Kitale, Kabarnet, Kisumu, and Garissa. Outside Kenya, the programmes are offered in Kigali Campus in Rwanda and Hargeisa Campus in Somalilaland. The school has four departments

 Programs & the Course requirements

2017 Prospectus2017 Prospectus

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