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Library Mission And vision

To be a dynamic, inclusive, competitive center of excellence in teaching, learning, research and community endeavours of MKU.

To provide students, academic staff and other library users with access to an extensive range of current and relevant quality information resources in support of academic work of the University.

The objectives of Mt Kenya University Library are to:
Provide a suitable environment, conducive for serious study and research
Obtain, retain and maintain relevant, authoritative and up-to-date library materials through purchase, gift/donations, or exchange.
Support the teaching, learning and research activities of the university through provision of information sources, resources and services.
Serve as an information resource centre of the university where information will be acquired, analyzed and stored, disseminated and used by all those seeking to learn, discover and create new knowledge.
Assist users in understanding and utilizing the full range of information services and technologies through information literacy and to promote independent learning.
Ensure optimal access to its resources through the use of appropriate organization and internationally recognized classification systems.
Foster and participate in information sharing initiatives available both locally and abroad.
 Put in place a dynamic organization of human and physical resources in order to achieve its mission and objectives.

The university library uses the following strategies to achieve the stated objectives:-

Forging and maintaining links with publishers, research institutions, donor bodies, other libraries and other parties capable of providing new relevant and up to date library material.
Hiring and retaining highly-qualified library personal to assure efficient library services for the users.
Embrace the opportunities created by information and communication technology (ICT) by drafting and following up with an ICT development plan.
Organizing periodical user orientation and formal training seminars for its new users.
Maintaining an annual library budget within the total university operational budget to facilitate the updating and addition of its resources in order to maintain growth in its existing areas and new additional disciplines of study and research.

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