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Library Collection

Acquisition of Information Resources
The University Library aims to provide a wide range of materials. Stock selection includes all forms of media, but vary according to the subject area. Materials be selected on the basis of the needs of the university. University Library and teaching staff carry out selection of materials for inclusion in the collection. University library staff complements the subject knowledge of teaching staff through awareness of what is being published, bibliographical knowledge and experience of library use of materials. University library staff endeavors to ensure that stock is balanced and up-to-date.

All additions to stock is subject to the laws of copyright. The university library may decline to purchase any item that may not be consistent with the aims of the university.

The following guidelines are offered for the acceptance/replacement of specific categories of material:

Masters and Ph.D Theses published by members of the university are deposited in the University Library and are kept in a secure location. Their consultation is regulated and subject to the laws of copyright. Undergraduate dissertations are not accepted.

Donations are only accepted if they are consistent with the aims of the University library.

The library acquires paperbacks only if hardbacks are not available.

Missing items
Missing items may be replaced from the relevant departmental fund if they fulfill the set selection criteria

Damaged items
If material shall be beyond repair, it is replaced from the relevant Departmental fund if it fulfils the set selection criteria.

Partisan Materials
The University Library aims to achieve a balance of material from a wide range of special interest groups. This material should fulfill the set selection criteria.

The university library normally restricts its purchasing of information resources in high demand [core texts] to a maximum of three (3) copies per discipline of study in programmes offered by the university. The Library may purchase additional copies if the demand for copies of particular titles is significantly in use. In the case of journal articles identified as essential reading, the University Library provides access both in hard and soft copies.

Resources for further reading
The library restricts purchase of books, not considered to be in high demand and which are for further reading to one copy per title.

Journals and Newspapers

The policy relating to journals acquisition is subject to the general principles of the Collection Management Policy. For the purposes of this document, a journal is defined as a publication with a distinctive title which appears at intervals, and which contains articles, stories or other writings by several contributors.

The library strives to provide a selection of both local and foreign newspapers. Non-current copies shall be preserved for 1 month, in the case of newspapers which are also available electronically.

Collection Management Policy
This policy provides guidelines for the systematic maintenance and management of the university library collection. It is intended as both a statement of policy for reference by library users and as guidance on working practice for the university library staff. The university library aims at providing access to a wide range of publications and information to support teaching, learning and research within the university. In addition, the university library provides an environment, services, and IT support, to enable users to make the most of the information resources available to them.

Essential reading
Text materials considered essential reading are acquired and reserved in the demand or reserve section on recommendation of the academic staff.

Special collections
Special collections are maintained in the following areas:

Thesis collection
A copy of all Masters and PhD Thesis by students of the University is deposited in the library and kept in a special collection.

The University Archives
Materials likely to be relevant to the understanding of the history and development of the Mt. Kenya University is preserved in this collection.

Slides A slide collection is maintained for use by staff and students. Only which can be used without breach of copyright is acquired.

Illustrations An illustration collection comprising of printed pictorial materials and images gathered from various sources are Mounted of sheets of paper and filed in broad subject categories.

Vulnerable materials
A special collection of materials which are judged to be especially vulnerable to loss of damage shall be maintained.

Most library materials are protected by the copyright law, which makes deliberate infringements, such as unauthorized copying a criminal offence. Permissible copying limits of less than 10% of a book shall be made for academic purposes. All users of library materials and equipment are required to observe these limits, whether on library premises or elsewhere.

Weeding policy
In order to ensure that stock is relevant, up-to-date and in good condition the weeding policy is followed.

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