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School of Education Programmes

School of Education Online Programmes

  1. Master of Education
    * Administration Management and Leadership.
    * Curriculum Studies.
    * Instructional Technology.
    * Educational Planning.
    * Philosophy of Education.
    * Economics of Education

    A holder of a Bachelor of Education with Second Honours Class Upper Division or its equivalent from a recognized university
    Bachelor degree in related area of specialization from a recognized university with a minimum of Second Class Honours Lower Division qualification with a minimum of 2 years work experience.

    Duration: 4 semesters

    Digital Learning Fee: Kshs.50,000 per semester

  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Education
    A Bachelors Degree from a recognized university.

    Duration: 3 Semesters
    Digital Learning Fee: Kshs. 50,000 Per Semester

  3. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
    At least KCSE mean grade C+ (plus) and C+ (plus) in two teaching subjects.
    A diploma in Education and C+ (plus) in the two teaching subjects.

    Duration : 8 semesters
    Digital Learning Fee: Kshs.40,000 per semester

  4. Master of Education
    * Educational Administration, Leadership and management
    * Instructional Technology
    * Educational Planning
    * Economics of Education
    * Education Guidance & counseling
    * Sociology of Education
    * Educational Psychology
    A holder of a bachelor of education with Second Class upper Division or its equivalent from a recognized University
    Bachelor degree in related area of specialization from a recognized University with a minimum of Second Class Honours Lower division qualification with a minimum of 2 years work experience

    Duration : 4 semesters
    Digital learning Fee: Kshs. 50,000 per semester

  5. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies
    Mean grade of C+ at KCSE or its equivalent
    Mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE with Diploma in Early Childhood Education from a recognized institution.

    Duration: 8 semesters
    Digital learning Fee : Kshs.42,000 per semester

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Teachers Professional Development Programmes

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Call : +254 709 153 000 Or  Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



MKU founder wows delegates at international conference

Secret behind MKU’s financial success revealed

Innovativeness and prudent financial management are the cornerstones of Mount Kenya University’s financial success.

In his keynote address at the 8th Annual International Leadership Conference in Entebbe, Uganda, MKU founder Prof Simon Gicharu explained why the university is thriving, even as other private institutions in Kenya are tanking.

“We have a well-trained human resource capital as well as Enterprise Resource Planning systems, with inbuilt internal control systems to safeguard financial assets,” he said in his presentation titled Funding and growing a private University in East Africa: A personal experience at Mount Kenya University. “We have also integrated the budgetary planning processes, and formulated concrete institutional and academic strategies.”

MKU was borne out of an idea to create higher education opportunities for discerning young people in Africa, who hail from disadvantaged backgrounds. It started as a computer outreach centre circa 1996, to become the largest private university in East and Central Africa. It is the leading private institution of higher learning in many barometers namely size (13 campuses), ranking, research, sports, number of graduands per year, and community outreach.

“Education is one of the sure-fire ways of solving the many challenges facing Africa and the world today; its importance can never be over-emphasized,” added Prof. Gicharu at the conference whose theme was Africa Business Leaders; Creating the Change Africa Needs.

The Guest of Honour at the opening of the conference was H.E Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Vice President of the Republic of Uganda. Prof. Venesius Baryamureba, Chairman of the Council of Makerere University Business School (MUBS), and Prof. Waswa Bailunywa, Principal, MUBS, also graced the conference. MKU has a partnership with MUBS.

Prof. Gicharu moved the delegates with his powerful presentation on the tough financial decisions he has had to make for MKU to become a success. All driven by his passionate belief in “Education for Public Good.”

“We use solar panels to save on power bills, and have in place a fleet management system that ensures there is no wastage of resources in staff and student transport. We’ve also outsourced non- core services like security and cleaning,” he said.

MKU has also leveraged on technology to offer its academic programmes through the Open and Distance Learning model, which is relatively cheaper.

Private universities in Kenya (including MKU) have been lobbying for the government to consider tax concessions (tax breaks and exemptions) on expenditure incurred towards delivery of education. “We have also lobbied for full implementation of the Maximum Differentiated Cost funding model by the government,” added Prof. Gicharu.

Evoking the mercurial words of Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, Prof. Gicharu said the secret of unlocking Africa’s vast potential lies in educating the people.

“We must therefore continue to unfold infinite possibilities, today and in the future,” he said.

The three-day conference was organized by MUBS, in partnership with Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation.


International Students

Welcome to Mount Kenya University (MKU),  a fully fledged chartered university committed to a broad-based, wholistic and inclusive system of education. The university also offers a wide-range of academic and professional courses, through various flexible modes that include E-learning, evening classes, weekend classes and Distance and Institution Based E-Learning (DIBeL).

We have the following campuses and study centers in Kenya:
1.    Main Campus, Thika
2.    Nairobi Campus
3.    Nakuru Campus
4.    Mombasa Campus
5.    Kakamega Campus
6.    Eldoret Campus
7.    Nkubu/Meru Campus
8.    Kisii Campus
9.    Malindi Center
10.    Kericho Center
11.    Kisumu Center
12.    Nyeri Center
Mount Kenya University also has presence in  Rwanda, Uganda, Somaliland and Burundi

Summary of International Students who are currently in session at MKU

  1. South Sudan    273Our PresenceOur Presence
  2. Somalia    256
  3. Uganda    248
  4. India    198
  5. Rwanda    78
  6. Tanzania    63
  7. Somaliland    51
  8. Nigeria    47
  9. Burundi    41
  10. Sudan    31
  11. Congo    17
  12. Bangladesh    17
  13. Malawi    13
  14. Philippines    11
  15. Cameroon    9
  16. Zambia    8
  17. Djibouti    3
  18. Somalia (Puntland)    3
  19. Egypt    2
  20. China, Comoros, Eritrea, Yemen    4
  21.  Saudi Arabia    1

VisaVisaVisa Information

All foreign students need to note that they need a Kenyan Visa to travel to Kenya for studies, therefore if the Visa expires before the pupil’s pass is processed; the student is required to renew the visa at the Immigration department.


Kenya Student pass
This is a document issued to applicants (foreign students) (section 30(1) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations 2012, who wish to purse their education in Kenya's Education or Training Institutions where they have been accepted or admitted. The applicant (foreign student) must be accepted as a student by an approved Educational or Training Establishment.

Students passStudents passKenya student's pass requirement

  1. A duly filled, signed and stamped application Form 30, by the institution's authorized personel (Both new and renewal cases) . You will print out the form at the end of the application for a Student pass. In case you want to reprint your application form, you can do so by going to "My Applications" section here
  2. Detailed and Signed Cover letter addressed to the Director of Immigration Services from the institution indicating the course to be pursued and the duration - both new and renewal cases
  3. Signed commitment letter from the sponsor - both new and renewal cases
  4. National passport copy of the sponsor - both new and renewal cases
  5. Proof of funds for self-sponsored students - both new and renewal cases
  6. For minors, consent letter from the parent - both new and renewal cases
  7. Copy of parent's national passport and copy of birth certificate of the minor should be attached as proof of relationship (for minors). - both new and renewal cases
  8. Copy of a valid national passport both new and renewal cases (the bio-data page)
  9. Current immigration status for the pupil/student- both new and renewal cases (If in the country)
  10. Two (2) recent passport size color photos. - both new and renewal cases
  11. Duly certified Copies of basic academic certificates for those joining Tertiary Institutions and Universities -new cases  Documents in foreign languages should be translated into English by either the Embassy, Public Notary, or authorized /recognized institution -both new and renewal cases
  12. Copy of the school's/college registration certificate from the Ministry of Education - new cases
  13. Clearance letter from Department of Refugee Affairs for refugees. - both new and renewal cases
  14. Certified copies of progress report/transcripts obtained(by the issuing institution) -for renewal cases
  15. Copy of student's pass previously held -for renewal cases
  16. For minor attach a copy of parent's kenya residence permit if not a boarder.
  17. Police Clearance Certificate from the country of origin, or if a resident, from the Kenya Police Service

 Kenya Internship/Research pass
This is a document issued to person(s) seeking to enter and remain in Kenya for the purpose of undertaking Internship or an academic research within Kenya. The applicant must be accepted as an intern or researcher in an institution within Kenya.

Kenya Internship / Research Pass Requirements

  1. A duly filled, signed and stamped application Form 30, by the institution's authorized personnel (Both new and renewal cases) . You will print out the form at the end of the application for a Student pass. In case you want to reprint your application form, you can do so by going to "My Applications" section here
  2. Detailed and Signed cover letter from the institution indicating the internship or research topic to be pursued and the duration and should be addressed to the Director of Immigration Services
  3. Copy of a valid national passport (the bio-data page)
  4. Current immigration status of the pupil/student(if in the country)
  5. Two (2) recent passport size color photos
  6. Duly certified copies of academic certificates and CV
  7. Documents in foreign languages should be translated into English by either the Embassy, Public Notary, or authorized /recognized institution
  8. Copy of research permit from the National Council for science and Technology for those undertaking research programs
  9. Police Clearance Certificate from the country of origin, or if a resident, from the Kenya Police Service

Things you should be aware of

Keep in mind the following:

  1. It is an offence for a person to knowingly mislead an Immigration Officer.
  2. Notification of approval is not an authority to engage in business, profession, employment or residence without first obtaining the student's Pass.
  3. It is an offence while in possession of a student's pass to engage in any form of trade or employment either for gain or not.


How to apply

You need to:

  1. Create a log in account within the Government of Kenya Single Sign On portal
  2. Log in using the account you have created above to access eFNS portal
  3. Once logged in the eFNS portal, select the "Apply now" Link
  4. Click on the "Submit Applications" tab and select the Student pass tab. If you are already logged in to eFNS, you can click here to make an application.
  5. After your application is approved, an invoice will be generated which you can see by clicking on "Dashboard" then "Payments" Tab. If you have already logged in eFNS, you can click here to make a payment.
  6. If unable to pay using any of the online modes, print your invoice by clicking on "Dashboard" then "Payments" Tab (If you have already logged in eFNS, you can click here to print your invoice). Present your invoice and Banker's cheque at the Immigration Counter at Nyayo House, Nairobi for payments
  7. You shall receive automatic notifications via email and on your online account about the progress of your application
    1. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
    2. Engaging in any form of business or employment without a requisite permit or pass is an offence.
    3. Application print-outs must be presented to the Immigration headquarters
    4. It is an offence to receive education or training at any educational or training establishment within Kenya without a pupil's / student's pass (section 30 (7) of the Kenya citizenship and Immigration Regulations,2012)


Contact MKU International Students Coordinating office

Kindly email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Linkages and Partnership


The strategic objectives that drive the MKU partnership and linkages are as follows;

  1. To raise the visibility of MKU locally and internationally
  2. To enhance university network for benchmarking and overall quality addition
  3. To market MKU regionally and internationally
  4. To contribute towards improvement of University ranking


1. E4Impact Foundation

  1. The establishment of short courses
  2. The development and implementation of county government capacity building courses in Kenya and Italy
  3. The creation and advancement of enterprise development programs

    - Joint practical entrepreneurship training through Graduate Enterprise Academy and E4Impact acceleration hubs
  4. Development of short vocational training courses

Date Signed - 11th June, 2018
Expiry Date - Five years after the date signed

2. Nottingham University

  1. Joint proposals for funding
  2. Exchange of staff and students

Date Signed - February 2018
Expiry Date - Five years after the date signed

3. Mediation Training Institutte (MTI)

  1.  Joint training and teaching activity in Mediation
  2. Sharing of educational materials and resources for the sole purpose of Professional Mediation Training only during the subsistence of this MOU
  3. Training and Certifying professional mediators and issuance of certificates with logos of both parties

Date Signed - February 2018
Expiry Date - Five years after the date signed

4. University of South

  1. Bench marking on ICT
  2. Exchange of staff and students
  3. Joint supervision of students

Date Signed - 22nd February, 2018
Expiry Date - 21st February, 2021

5. Makerere University MoU

  1. To stimulate communication, cooperation, and partnerships between the two Colleges including exchange of students and faculty and to develop twinned curriculum thus enhancing the educational quality and resources of both Colleges.
  2. To provide information on academic programmes of both Colleges so that students take full advantage of existing international education opportunities.
  3. To create a collaborative relationship between MAKCHS and MKUCHS in which either party will recognize the other as a partner in training and research.

Date Signed - 19th September, 2017
Expiry Date - Valid 5 years 2022

6. µData Analytics

  1. Technological transfer, North-South and South-South relations and capacity building in the use of data within companies
  2. Data science awareness for business purposes
  3. Establish a data-based business network / ecosystem to guide policy-makers
  4. Concept Development
  5. Project planning
  6. Project Implementation
  7. Concept / Project development
  8. Project Implementation
  9. Contacting target group(s), public actors and potentially interested stakeholders
  10. Provide on-ground logistics for holding workshops/ seminars/conferences upon receipt of funding

Date Signed - 15th September, 2017

7. United Nations Academic Impact

  1. Commitment to the United Nations Charter
  2. Human Rights
  3. Educational opportunity for all
  4. Higher education opportunity for every interested individual
  5. Capacity - building in higher education systems
  6. Global Citizenship
  7. Peace and Conflict resolution
  8. Addressing poverty
  9. Sustainability
  10. The “unlearning” of intolerance

8. RwandaAir

  1. MKUR shall train and award Degrees in Bachelors, Masters and other qualifications, as agreed by the parties
  2. All formal assessments through assignments, practical’s or examinations shall be the responsibility of MKUR
  3. MKUR shall ensure the integrity and quality of its programmes and degrees in line with international standards
  4. RwandaAir shall share internships between the two institutions subject to the security rules and regulations governing the airport
  5. RwandaAir shall provide necessary transport, meals for trainees for RwandaAir sponsored trainees
  6. RwandaAir shall identify trainees to be trained as agreed with MKUR
  7. RwandaAir shall ensure management discipline of trainees during the training period
  8. RwandaAir shall facilitate and ensure payment of tuition and other fees due to MKUR, except self-sponsored trainees

Date Signed - 5th September, 2017

Areas of Cooperation

Collaboration between MKU and KNATCOM shall be undertaken on mutual consent and subject to the availability of resources through the broad areas aimed at leading towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals as follows;

  1. Youth empowerment and other activities in the broad area of social and human sciences
  2. ICT, science and technology promotion for sustainable development
  3. Varied areas in education, culture and communication
  4. Peace and security, environmental sustainability , and other areas of global concern
  5. Research
  6. Exchange of staff and sharing of other resources
  7. Capacity development
  8. Monitoring and Evaluation

Date Signed - 12th June, 2017
Expiry Date - 11th June, 2022

10. De La Rue Currency and Security Print Limited

  1. Design, print and supply certificates in accordance with the current approved design proof and the agreed specification

Date Signed - 24th April 2017
Expiry Date - 23rd April,2020

11. MKU/UNESCO- collaboration

  1. Establishment of a UNESCO Chair on Digital Education interdisciplinary teaching and sustainable development at Mount Kenya University, Nakuru Campus
  2. Prof. Kibos has been appointed to head the UNESCO Chair Office at Nakuru Campus

Date Signed - 21st April, 2017

12. UNESCO for a UNESCO-CHAIR at Nakuru Campus


  1. Conduct research in the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in higher education and in university teacher professional development
  2. Publish research results
  3. Organise training programmes in the field of ICT-based teaching and teacher professional development
  4. Create a website for the UNESCO-Chair featuring up-to-date information on its activities,itsresearchfindings, etc
  5. CooperatecloselywithUNESCOonrelevantprogrammesandactivities, as well as with relevant UNESCO Chairs.

13. Nation Media Group

“Collaboration on International Conference on Peace, Security and Social enterprise”


  1. Cooperate to contribute success of the conference and will jointly develop a coordinated marketing and plan for effective contribution to the success of the conference

14. Leuphana University Germany


  1. The organization of joint academic and scientific activities such as courses, conferences, seminars, symposia or lectures
  2. Exchange of students
  3. The exchange of research, teaching and administrative personnel
  4. The exchange of publications and other material of common interest

MoU signed by MKU and sent to Leuphana University, Germany for signing on 22nd February, 2017.

15. African Cyber Space Network (ACN)


  1. To facilitate a partnership between Mount Kenya University and Africa Cyber Space Network for Mobilization of potential stakeholders within ACN’s network as well as the promotion of the International Peace, Security and Social EnterpriseConference in general under the theme of “Cyber Crime and Security”.

16. Xinyu University

  1. Development of twinned academic programmes
  2. Identifying areas of research and facilitation of joint research activities
  3. Exchange of visiting professors, adjunct faculty and any other academic staff
  4. Exchange of equipment as identified by either party
  5. Establishment of a student exchange program
  6. Collaborative cultural and community outreach activities.

Date Signed - 11th January, 2017
Expiry Date - 11thJanuary, 2020

17. Hawkhill Limited


  1. Students placement for attachment and internship

Date Signed - 29th November, 2016
Expiry Date - 3 Years

18. Kanunga Aqua Farm


  1. Fish Farming

Date Signed - 19th November, 2016
Expiry Date - 5 Years

19. Clarke University, USA


  1. The conduct of joint activities, arrangements for specific visits and exchanges as well as other forms of co-operation will be agreed upon for each specific case.

Date Signed - 29th June, 2016
Expiry Date - 28th August, 2021

20. International University of Management Namibia


  1. Development of twinned academic programmes
  2. Advancement of joint activities
  3. Engagement in joint exchange of visiting professors and adjunct faculty
  4. Establishment of student exchange
  5. Collaborative cultural and community outreach activities
  6. Offer joint PhD research programmes

Date Signed - 25th May, 2016
Expiry Date - 24th May, 2021

21.Safaricom Ltd

  1. Internship opportunities
  2. Sponsorship of student campus events
  3. Safaricom care centre to bring services closer to the university fraternity
  4. Tablet program open to students and staff

Date Signed - 4th April 2016
Expiry Date - By giving the other party 12 months written notice

22.ACCA University Partnership Agreement

  1. Provide opportunity and access for students of MKU to the highest professional standards and support them in their professional development and careers in accounting, business and finance
  2. To facilitate access to ACCA for high-quality students, ACCA offers a discount to targeted students

Date Signed - 31st  March, 2016

23. Bungoma County Ministry of Health

  1. Research and Development

Date Signed -  March, 2016

24. Fountain Africa Trust


  1. Research (Grant  Management)

Date Signed -  March, 2016

25.  Kenya ICT Training Programme, Nakuru


  1. Teaching, research, exchange of faculty and students, cultural exchange and staff development

Date Signed - February 2016
Expiry Date - February 2021

26. Kyambogo University, Uganda

General areas of cooperation

  1. Joint educational and research activities
  2. Exchange of visiting scholars
  3. Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students
  4. Sharing of scholarly information
  5. Joint proposal writing for funding

Date Signed - 10th February, 2016
Expiry Date -9th February 2021

27. Global Peace Foundation


  1. To provide a platform in which young people can engage and share on innovative ways of promoting peace and reconciliation among the students in campus
  2. To directly engage with organized clubs that work on peace and leadership among the students in the university
  3. To raise young value based and accountable leaders through moral and innovative leadership trainings
  4. To create awareness through student symposiums inorder to discourage recruitment of youth to violent extremist organizations

Date Signed - 21st January, 2016
Expiry Date - 20th January, 2018

28. African International Foundation for Educational Excellence(AIFEE), USA

Collaborate and cooperate on one or more of the following areas:

  1. Opportunities for service-learning at MKU/AIFEE sites in Kenya
  2. Academic credit in various faculties of MKU
  3. Joint research, training and consultancy programs
  4. Facilitation of Faculty and student exchange
  5. Facilitation of international partnerships and activities
  6. The preparation of joint proposals for external funding
  7. Joint sponsorship of conferences
  8. Joint publication
  9. Exchange of materials, articles and other publications
  10. Other such activities as may be mutually agreed upon

Date Signed - 7th January, 2016
Expiry Date - 6th January, 2021

29. Vivo Energy Kenya Ltd

Student internship in the following areas;

  1. To provide local students with working experience
  2. Provide a pool from which VEK could recruit talent
  3. To tap the business opportunity that the University presents to the company

30. Wadhwani Foundation for Entrepreneurship


  1. Provision of basic soft skills capacity building by building the staff and educating students on practical skills on entrepreneurship

Date Signed - 30th November, 2016
Expiry Date - 5 Years

31. Vincent Pol University, Poland ( Erusmus+ Programme)


  1. Collaboration on areas of Staff and Student mobility as well as joint research and publication

Date Signed - 15th October, 2016
Expiry Date - 2 Years

32. University of West of Scotland

  1. To establish, where appropriate, the joint supervision of Master of Research (MRes) and PhD students registered at the University of the West of Scotland and Mount Kenya University
  2. To establish a mutual programme of student/staff exchange between the University of the West of Scotland and Mount Kenya University
  3. To explore the potential for future research links
  4. To consider the joint development of funding proposals

Date Signed - 22nd September, 2016
Expiry Date - 21st September, 2017

33. Inter-universities Consortium MoU (Kyambogo University, Uner of Eldoret, MKU, COOU (Nigeria)


  1. To promote faculty and students exchange
  2. To promote staff and student attachments and internships
  3. To develop joint programmes to conduct research, publish information and disseminate findings for the benefit of community
  4. To organize annual conferences
  5. To develop and implement joint projects

Date Signed - 9th September, 2016
Expiry Date - 8th September, 2022

34. African Cyberspace Network


  1. Peace conference especially on the theme of cyber security

35. Petroleum University of China


  1. Exchange of teaching and research personnel
  2. Mutual cooperation in staff development
  3. Exchange of curriculums
  4. Exchange of students
  5. Development of joint scientific and/or technological research projects
  6. Any other activity of mutual interest

Date Signed - May 2016
Expiry Date - May 2021

36. Makerere University Business School (MUBS)


  1. Exchange of faculty staff and scholars
  2. Exchange of students
  3. Joint proposal development for funding
  4. Joint research and publications
  5. Participation in conferences and academic meetings
  6. Joint publications
  7. Joint development and certification of short courses and postgraduate
  8. To promote joint entrepreneurship projects and programmes

Date Signed - 17th December, 2015
Expiry Date - 16th December, 2020

37. Oracle Technology Systems (Kenya) Limited


  1. The programme is similar to ongoing partnership with IBM to train students in specialized training.
    Oracle certification can give MKU graduates an edge in the highly competitive job market

Date Signed - 2nd December, 2015

38. African Mental Health Foundation(AMHF)


  1. The collaboration will cover areas of research, training, information dissemination as well as development of joint projects geared towards mutual benefits for both AMHF and MKU

Date Signed -  2015

39. Regents University, London


  1. Training, postgraduate supervision and Staff and Student Exchange
  2. Community Service
  3. Research
  4. Co-operate in the following areas:
    - Regent's Institute of Language and Culture (RILC)
    - Regent's School of Drama, Film & Media (RSDFM)
    - Business and Management

Date Signed - 26th October, 2015

40. Higher Education Loans Board


  1. Financing University students

Date Signed - 18th August, 2015

41. Business Environment Services(BES) College Zimbabwe

  1. Training(Virtual Learning)

Date Signed - 10th August, 2015
Expiry Date - 9th August, 2018

42. St. Francis School of Health Sciences Cameroon


  1. Joint  Virtual Learning

Date Signed - 10th August, 2015
Expiry Date - 9th August, 2018


43. Nakuru County Government Department of Health Services (Njoro Sub-County Hospital)


  1. Facilitation of practicals and research on community health

Date Signed - 13th July, 2015
Expiry Date - 8th August, 2021

44. Kenya Commercial Bank( KCB Internship Programme)


  1. Student internship and employment opportunities amongst other collaborative activities between MKU and KCB

Date Signed - 27th April, 2015
Expiry Date - By either party giving one months’ notice

45. Pumwani Maternity Hospital


  1. Provision of teaching and practical facilities
  2. Attachment

Date Signed - 23rd March 2015

46. Partners for Care/ Ohio State University, USA


  1. To cooperate in joint research programme and related projects
  2. Cooperation between parties their staff members, networks, field stations and centre of study in carrying out such joint programs and research projects

Date Signed - Signed on Monday 1st March, 2015

47. Mathari  National Teaching and Referral Hospital


  1. Provision of training facilities
  2. Teaching
  3. Provision of research facilities
  4. Students Internship


 Date Signed - 24th February, 2015

48. Nairobi West Hospital


  1. Training
  2. Treatment

Date Signed - 12th February, 2015

49. S.F Group of Companies, Tanzania


  1. To facilitate and enhance collaborative activities in education, agriculture, medicine, hospitality, business and economics, management, real estate etc.
  2. Development of joint projects geared towards mutual benefit



Date Signed - 7th February 2015
Expiry Date - 6th February, 2020

50. Leipzig University


  1. Training
  2. Research
  3. Community Service

51. Chulaimbo sub-district hospital


  1. To provide collaborative arrangements in the health sciences training programme
  2. Sharing resources available at both institutions
  3. To provide training opportunities to trainees pursuing health sciences among others.

Date Signed - 21st November, 2014
Expiry Date - 20th November, 2019

52. Rafiki Microfinance


MKU partnered with Rafiki Microfinance as a Knowledge Partner in CHAMA AWARDS

Date Signed - 5th November, 2014
Expiry Date - Either party may terminate by giving 30 working days notice in writing

53. CFBT Education Trust- Daadab Scholarship


  1. Mutual support for growth and positive contribution to the society
  2. Mutual support for education delivery to a total of 26 diploma and certificate students from Dadaab Refugee camp

Date Signed - 29th October, 2014
Expiry Date - Anytime by either party giving a 30 days-notice

54. Northern Kentucky University


  1. Exchange of teaching and research personnel
  2. Development of joint scientific and/or technological projects
  3. Exchange of students
  4. Any other activity of mutual interest regarding academic or scientific and technological research matters

Date Signed - September, 2014

55. Machakos Level 5 Hospital


  1. Provision of teaching and practical resources
  2. Students attachment/internship opportunities
  3. Professional development of staff
  4. Provision of health care services
  5. Research facilities

Date Signed - 22nd August, 2014
Expiry Date - 21st August, 2029

56. Kiambu County Assembly


The purpose of the MoU is to enhance collaborative activities between the Assembly and the various departments of MKU. The collaboration will cover areas of research, training, information dissemination as well as development of joint projects geared towards mutual benefits for both MKU and KCA.

  1. Research
  2. Attachment and internship programmes for students of MKU
  3. Capacity building/ training
  4. Institutional exchange and scientific information
  5. Use of equipment and other facilities

Date Signed - 13th August, 2014
Expiry Date - Effective until either party serves a written notice of 6 months communicating intention to terminate

57. County Government of Kiambu / Thika Level 5 Hospital


  1. Offer attachment/ placements for students from MKU
  2. Conduct training research and community outreach activities through programmes offered at MKU
  3. Construction of a mortuary and anatomy laboratory
  4. Perform complementary activities in teaching

Date Signed - 25th April, 2014
Expiry Date - 24th April, 2029

58. Copenhagen School of Business


  1. Training and Exchange

Date Signed - Signed in 2014

59. Xavier University, USA


  1. Fostering and facilitating accreditation, programs in entrepreneurship and innovation, online education while supporting the development of collaboration across other academic departments

Date Signed - Signed in 2014

60. Turkana University College


  1. Provide opportunity for TUC to support continuing students of MKU to complete their programmes utilizing the TUC’s newly acquired academic resources at the former MKU Lodwar Campus per agreed terms
  2. Provide an enabling environment for MKU’s continuing students to complete their programmes and courses of study as initially contracted without any encumbrances or changes upon their status, and in a manner that meets reasonable expectations under the Commission’s published Regulations and Standards. TUC shall cooperate with MKU to ensure that all continuing students complete their studies up to graduation as agreed upon
  3. Provide opportunity for TUC Senate and MKU Senate to participate jointly in processing of examinations for continuing students who shall have to graduate from MKU due to regulatory requirements

61. Ministry of Information and Communication


  1. Training

Date Signed - 29th October, 2012

62. Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA)


  1. The purpose of this MOU is to facilitate and enhance collaborative activities between EPZA and the EPZ Companies and the various departments of MKU. The collaboration will cover various areas, particularly in the fields of research, consultancy, training, information dissemination as well as development of joint projects geared towards mutual benefits for both EPZA and MKU. EPZA and MKU will jointly promote the concept of knowledge-based economies

Date Signed - 24th August, 2011

63. Consolata Hospital Nkubu


  1. Students attachment

Date Signed - 31st March, 2010

64. Gulu University


  1. Training on postgraduate

Date Signed - 20th July, 2009

65. Sustainability Opportunity Training Epidemiology Networking Interdependence (SOTENI) Kenya


  1. Grants proposal writing

Date Signed - 8th December, 2008
Expiry Date - Unspecified

66. Ministry of Health


  1. Training
  2. Research

Date Signed - 30th September, 2008
Expiry Date - Unspecified

67. Kenya National Library Services – (Letter of Understanding)


  1. Targeted for Renewal


Date Signed - 13th December, 2006

68. Gatundu District Hospital


  1. Reciprocal access of facilities and equipment, facilities for training health sciences students, student mentorship Inactive


Date Signed - 26th November, 2006

69. International Youth Fellowship (IYF)


  1. Training, Research and Community service
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