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Interruption of Studies in Thika Campus on Monday 9th October, 2017

As you are aware the University experienced disruption of teaching and learning on Monday, 9th October, 2017 which led to temporary suspension of studies in the Thika (Main) Campus.

The University Management Board and Senate have established the following:

  1. The interference with teaching and learning was instigated by a few students working closely with a few former students who completed studies and decided to hang around the campus.
  2. The motive behind their actions was driven solely by two groups of students trying to out do each other in positioning themselves in anticipation to take over the campus leadership positions next year.

The University Management Board and Senate also wish to state the following:

  1. The University has clear mechanisms of addressing students grievances as and when they are brought to the attention of the Management. Such mechanisms are well articulated in the various policies, regulations and procedures of the University.
  2. Whereas the University Management supports freedom of expression the same must be exercised devoid of interfering with rights of other students to enjoy their studies without being harassed by any person. The same applies to respect of the rights of the neighboring communities freedom of doing their daily activities without being inconvenienced.
  3. Whereas those who graduate from the university or have completed their studies waiting for graduation have a right to reside in any place of their choice including the neighborhood of the main campus, such persons should desist from interfering with university operations students’ governance.


  1. The university Management wishes to re-assure all bonafide students that their safety and security are its first priority. In this regard, therefore, the current ongoing student audit will help the university to identify genuine students who are registered and attending lectures. In pursuance of this, no genuine student will be inconvenienced on the basis of fees payment beyond the agreed installment payment arrangement. The University innovative flexible fees payment model has assisted thousands of needy Kenyans to access higher education.
  2. All areas identified for continuous improvement will be addressed together with the ongoing restructuring of physical resources in relocating offices and creating room for additional lecture rooms, construction of an auditorium and related facilities. The Management will keep reviewing with the student leadership on the use of biometric system for enhancement of security as directed by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology in its circular dated 11th April, 2016 and the Commission for University Education in a circular dated 14th April, 2016.
  3. On change of Mount Kenya University Students Association (MKUSA) constitution, the University wishes to clarify to students that the Universities Act, 2012 was amended to provide for a new method of students elections through a collegiate system. As you may be aware recently Student leaders from public and private universities including our own student leaders petitioned the High Court of Kenya to declare the clause unconstitutional but the petition was rejected. Therefore, the process of realigning the University statute to reflect the new student election management is not an option, and will be implemented as ordered by the court.
  4. The University will continue treating all its students equally like it has always done and providing a conducive environment so that students can exploit their academic and non-academic potential as well as ensuring that the students complete their studies as scheduled.
  5. All the vetted students are continuing with their classes normally.

In view of the aforestated the University Management commits itself to take stern disciplinary action against any member of the university who disrupts the enabling environment created by the sponsors of the university. Any student aspiring for student leadership positions are advised to follow the positive laid down procedures to seek for the same.

The Vice-Chancellor, on behalf of the University fraternity, regrets any inconvenience to students and staff caused by being removed from classes and hostels, including suspension of classes to avoid degenerating friction between the antagonist groups. We assure members of the University that measures have been put in place to ensure safety and security of students and staff.

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Thank you.

Prof. Stanley W. Waudo, Ph.D


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