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Call for innovative & creative activities for professional student associations


The current global trend in addressing socio-economic challenges strongly focusses on innovation and creativity. This is informed by reputable authorities such as John Howkins in the book “The Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas”. According to Howkins, innovation and creativity are today’s hallmark of economic development. Consequently, in tandem with MKU’s Mission and Vision, the University is in support of Professional Student Associations/Clubs as possible breeding ground of the country’s innovative and creative minds. Entrusted with this responsibility is the Mount Kenya University Foundation (MKUF) which has received a generous donation of 3 million shillings from Mount Kenya University management, to announce the call for ideas, review applications, coordinate the disbursement of funds and assist in nurturing the best ideas to the next level. MKUF is a registered charitable arm of Mount Kenya University. It was established to co-ordinate several activities that the University has been undertaking in support of the students, alumni and the community.


Mount Kenya University Foundation is happy to announce a call for competitive proposals on innovative and creative activities for professional student associations & Clubs at Mount Kenya University.


  1. The grant is open to professional student associations and clubs of Mount Kenya University.
  2. Associations that are not recognized/registered by the Office of the Dean of Students are not eligible to apply. Non-registered associations are requested to visit the Office of the Dean of Students
  3.  Applications from individuals will not be accepted.
  4. All applications should be submitted using the application form.


Successful applicants will be funded to a maximum of Ksh. 200,000. The proposed activities should run for at least one year.


  1. Complete a MKU Foundation Grant Application Form accessible here .
  2. Submit the complete applications form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 1700hrs on Friday 11th December, 2017. Incomplete applications and those sent after the deadline will NOT be considered. The reviewers’ decision will be final.

For further clarification, visit the Foundation Offices at Alumni Plaza, 9th Floor, Rm. 902.

Quick Link

  1. Download MKU Fondation Grant Applications form
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