Collaboration between Mount Kenya University and the Engineers Brigade

There is need for engineers in the realization of Vision 2030 and industrialization. MKU has made collaborations with a group of 12 Engineers Brigade. 12 Engineers brigade has been in existence for the past 20years whose mandate is to do construction works which include; roads, dams, schools, water drilling and buildings.  The brigade is expected to facilitate educations of various officers, put up a school in the brigade as well as take part in the deployment in Somali.
It's worth noting that;
•    The key pillar of Vision 2030 is security of the nation which is enhanced by the military.

    The military plays a key role in conservation of the environment  through Re-a forestation programme
•    The military is highly focused on conservation of energy
•    The military staff is in need of training thus the need for collaboration
•    The military hold sports days where the university can participate in the event.
•    CSR – there is need to collaborate in the CSR activities so as to increase the impact.