Knitting the perfect Quilt with Sharon Kwamboka Aminga: Studies, Sports & fashion


Striking the balance, Academics & Fashion


Sharon tells me " My days start at 6am and end at 10am. Since I'm a student and  my business is a part-time job, I study in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon then in the evening I make the orders. Striking a balance that does not affect her studies. Time management is something she has come to learn. In between lectures, Sharon checks in at the student cafeteria located at the Student's Center to grab lunch then heads back to class. Her discipline towards her work has seen her have a full plate of orders which she delivers on time with assistance from her two friends who are also her business partners.


How long does it take you to make a single order? " Two to three hours" she says.

But it's not a bed of roses for Sharon. Her core business in Mount Kenya University is knitting her Bachelor of Mass Media & Communication through cats, practicals and exams. This raids her fashion world occasionally.

How does she manage to knit the perfect Quilt made up of Studies, fashion, business, sports and still enjoy her stay at Mount Kenya University?



Fashion & Nagami Neisure


She founded a Company Nagami Neisure which handmakes crotchets of all designs for girls. Her work is mostly based online where she markets her products. Making good use of her social sites; Instagram & WhatsApp

" I market my products on Instagram and mostly on WhatsApp" Sharon tells me.


The Genesis of Knitting


" My Mother taught me how to knit when i was in class 5. I used  to make bags that I would use to carry my books to school. I have been knitting since then."

"When I joined campus I really wanted to do something unique that involves fashion." She adds.

It's during her first semester that she diversified her crotchet collection. For Sharon Aminga Mount Kenya University has been more than her academic home. It has been her key in unlocking her academic and entrepreneurial opportunities.

She goes ahead to tell how;

" Through the lecturers who are there to support me and various equipments at our faculty, I have made good use of them by doing more practicals and seeking their[lecturer] support since I am in the journalism department. This has made my learning a great experience". It is also here that I've met great friends who buy and market my products. I've also had the privilege of showcasing my work during University events such as Cultural Week

Welcome Freshmen

The undergraduate student has these words for freshmen joining Mount Kenya University this week on May/Sept 2019 intake;

“Know who you are and what you really want to achieve when  you are in campus” She continues, “Being in campus will give you lots of opportunities that could change your life, don't let anyone or rather yours peers change your destination because you deserve the greater things in life. Do not be swayed into taking drugs and alcohol because it has serious consequences."




She borrows her inspiration from her Mother who is also her mentor and number one fan who has been her pillar and strength. "She has made the way for me to explore every single thing that I have come to take part it."

She goes on to say " my mother paid for my fashion course even before I joined university, she really believed I could do great things. I am doing simple things in a great way" she says this with a smile painted with nostalgia.

It is the same spirit of Mentorship that Sharon is training her friends to knit and plans to roll out YouTube tutorials for those who wish to learn. " I am planning on making tutorials for people who want to try out knitting as a hobby.

She's not working alone either. She has trained friends who assist her paint smiles on faces of clients who buy their crotchets. " I don't work alone. I trained a team of friends who help me in my work. Sharon saves a third of her earnings for the future of Nagami Neisure.

In this age of cut throat competition of jobs, we encourage graduates to learn a skill to enable create jobs and push forward the economic wheels of development.