8 Main places to visit in Main Campus

Welcome to Mount Kenya University, your University, your Choice and Pride. Transitioning to college can be difficult especially on making friends and managing time while adjusting to your new- yes, new environment. It's morning, a new day, a freshman and finally you are a student of the largest Private University in East Africa which offers quality education for all. Since you're new to the University we'd like to make your experience worthwhile and easier by pointing out a few places you should visit and know.

1. Library
Apart from the walking sanctuaries of education, the University Library is the Sanctuary of education with books, magazines, journals, reviews and Newspapers from across the region. If you are a fan of the local dailies, a daily visit to the facility will keep you update to date. You can as well as grab a copy of Game of thrones, too.

Opening days & Time
Mon- Fri 8:00am - 10:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am - 4:00pm


2. University Bookshop
MKU BookShop




The newly built University bookshop can be accessed through the main gate. Herein, you will find and buy literature materials. If you’re not a movie lover this is probably where you can a hard copy of Game of Thrones as you snake your way through Alumni plaza to your lecture halls.


3. University Clinic
It is located at the ground floor of Chancellor's Tower. If you or any of your friend[s] fall ill kindly visit the facility which runs 24hrs 7 days a week 30 days a month.


4. Swimming pool
During your admission you must have made several trips to and from the Swimming pool. Here, Students and staff swim for FREE and cool their bodies off from the academic heat, occasionally.
It is manned by a lifeguard who doubles up as a trainer.

MKU swimming-pool

Opening days & Time
Mon- Sunday 0900- 1600hrs



5. Student's Center
As the name explains, it is the Students Center. You'll find typically everyone and anyone at this place.

Facilities at Student Center:
✓ Cafeteria
✓ Supermarket
✓ Gym
✓ Salon & Barber Shop
✓ Cyber Cafe
✓ Gaming & Movie Center

The building also houses the residence of MKUSA leaders, Offices of the Dean and other offices.
It also has a scenic rooftop allowing you to view the surrounding neighborhood and the University as you revisit moments of the great war in Game of Thrones as it prepares you for the academic war ahead.

Hint: the view is Spectacular at night.

6. E-hub Gaming Center & Movie Shop
Get your latest movies here at affordable prices
Located adjacent to the Cafeteria, E-hub Gaming Center is home to the best gamers in Pool & PlayStation games. Are you a good gamer? This is the right place as you will face worthy & seasoned opponents in tournaments organized by the players where Winners walk away with gifts and cash prizes. It also has FREE fast Wi-Fi.
Play against the best to best!

7. Indoors arena
Apart from hosting you [freshmen] during your orientation, Indoors arena is home to many University activities. Ranging from debates, Talks and entertainment. It's also the training ground for handball and football five[5] aside.

8. Basketball court
As you snake your way through the Main gate and study Villas, in front of you is a newly built Basketball court where you can go dribble and dunk to your achievement of joining University.
The flood lights bathe the court at night with light enough to enable you play during the night.

We hope you'll find time to visit those and many more places within the University.

Kusodawaw Mount Kenya University! Karibuni Mount Kenya University!

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