Internal League Kicks Off

Kicking Off under the theme “Sporting talent for better Comradeship" the 10 Weekends long competition seeks to live true to this. It is worth noting that, this competition- Internal League , draws the attention of Local Football Clubs who come for scouting due to the diverse and raw talent in the League.

MKU Football Teams

It is from this pool of talented players where best players are selected to join and play for the main University team by Scouts secretly mapping out the best.

Talented Sportsmen hit the pitch with fitting uniforms and athletic bodies on Saturday morning ready to give their best if not win the trophy. Feeding fans who thronged the pitch to watch with magical skills, the teams exhibited great team work with key players delivering neat plays and goalkeepers making crucial saves. Fans braced the morning showers to watch their friends breathe life into a football. Some capturing the moment through smartphones.

The event was Kicked Off by the duel between Lions vs East Gang. The Lions roared 3 goals to walk away with victory in their teeth. East Gang too, put up a good fight against the Lions, limping away with two goals.

It was a Spectacle watching the two teams tear into each other's. Students flocked the field, others watching from nearby buildings - MLT & FLT not to miss a moment.

The Internal League
This is a 10 Weekends long football competition which comprises of 16 teams battling out for the Trophy.

Initially, Internal League used to have 14 teams fighting out for the Trophy during the 10 Weekends long event. Conspicuously missing in the 14 teams were; International Students & Freshmen.

It is then through the Captains Act, they Vetoed the 14 teams rule and added 2 more teams to include;
1. International Students
2. Freshmen
With support from the University, MKUSA through the Sports Secretary and #Nisisi Leader, Mr. Festus Waweru organized the competition to identify talent and posit the need for students to participate in Sports.


“Participating in Sports instills desirable qualities such as physical fitness, creativity, teamwork, and self-discipline that help in all areas of students’ lives. That's why I encourage every student to play a Sport."


“I hope this competition unlocks a talent somewhere. To my fellow students, come cheer your friends as they do what they love best" he added.


"Mcheza Kwao Hutuzwa!