Meet George Camillus Medical Student and Basketball Player

The first is to believe in something larger than yourself, to get involved in some of the big ideas of our time."

George Camillus Odumbe seems to have breathed life into these words through his love for Medicine, active involvement in basketball, leadership and his immense dedication to Community service.


With Chutzpah and Oomph "Camyl" as he's famously known narrates his love for basketball and belief in something larger himself- Community Service.

The Vicious cycle
Wake up- read - Gym- Shower- Class- Basketball Training- Eat- Read- Sleep.


George Camillus Odumbe (camyl)

George CamillusBorn in Rongo, Migori County, George Camillus is a first born in a family of four pursuing Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery ( Level 5). His hobbies include Music & basketball.


Passion for Medicine and finding a home in MKU
It hasn't been all rosy for him he narrates.

"Medicine has been my passion all along. After high school, my grades couldn't secure me a slot in the government sponsored program -KUCCPS and that is how I joined MKU.


" He shares why he would recommend MKU to anyone who wishes to study Medicine. "We are on a trimester program. So the pressure is relatively reduced and we have competent and dedicated lecturers who keep track of our Studies.

Community work

  1. Africa Cancer Foundation - Lead medic
  2. Young professionals on Chronic Disease Network- Thika chapter leader
  3. Cancer awareness center of Kenya - Member

Leadership & Sports
His towering height and physique points out a person who keeps fit or is active in sports. An ardent lover of Basketball, "Camyl" as he's known on the Court has been playing basketball since 2011 in high school.


Immediately he was admitted to Mount Kenya University to study, he joined "Mku Nets" the University basketball team where he served as a Captain ( 2015-2017) and deputised by Victor Muhindi under Iddi as their Head Coach.


George tells me he is privileged to have served as a Commissioner ( 2018/2019 ) and Chairman ( 2019/2020 ) of MKUSA Electoral Commission. "I feel privileged and grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve. I'm happy that together with my team we delivered free, fair and peaceful elections" he tells me.

Dribbling Studies, Sports & Leadership
Leisure is a word that seems not to exist in the lexicon of many Students studying Medicine but not Camyl. His full participation in University events compels me to find out how juggles all these balls with the accuracy of a surgeon's blade.


" Med school and Basketball has been hard. It's been hell balancing all of them. But it's manageable" Camyl opens up. " I get drained physically and sometimes emotionally"

The Vicious cycle of George Camillus Odumbe
His day starts at 5:30 am on a normal day. "I usually wake up at 5:30am". The events of the day are successive to each other that he rarely finds time to unwind. After waking up, he walks his eyes through books and assignments for an hour.


It does not end up there. He walks to the University gym where he trains for another hour then showers and heads to class up to 4:00pm. You may wonder in the routine above, meals have not been captured. This is because of the tight schedule he has but skips in between to attend to his hunger.


His trying moments came earlier this year when he was elected to Chair the MKUSA Electoral Commission. " To be honest it was one of the hardest task. I had to balance class work , basketball and also ensure things were running smoothly in the Electoral board

I actually had to drop basketball during that period" he notes. " I had to be consistent in prayer. I believe without God's guidance, I couldn't make it."

"After 4pm, I head to the court for basketball team training after which I head home and clean up." Depending on the activities of the day he's forced to buy food or cook. He then rests or catches up with his family and friends and settles down by 8pm to read until midnight.

There are little changes in Camyl's vicious cycle (as I have come to learn during this interview)

On Sundays, as a practicing and staunch Catholic, George has to wake up early to attend Mass then head back to his house to hangout with his boys (Fourblack MD) to watch or play PlayStation.

In basketball, George finds motivation from his favorite NBA star James Harden due to hard work and humility in the game.

Dr. Oluga is also another person he looks up to. "I like his courage in advocating for change in the health system in Kenya" he adds.

"My Mum is my role model and pillar. I love her personality I thank God that I have her"

I ask him what keeps his spirit going when fatigue takes toll on him. His answer sends a sudden outburst of adrenaline- good adrenaline rush in my body.


"It's the passion and responsibility that I have around that pushes me so hard and I have parents to make proud"

Challenges come with loads of Opportunities as George demonstrates. " I have come to value and manage my time well" he tells me.

And as Medicine Student, he doesn't shy away from urging his fellow comrades to "rubber up" to prevent unwanted pregnancies and infections.

" Prevention is better than cure" he sternly says.


Isn't it amazing and Interestingly wonderful how he juggles all that? Is it not worth aping? His success in dribbling all those balls rubber-stamps the famous words of Cesar Chavez- "yes you can" .

Nothing should hold you aback in pursuing what you love. Mount Kenya University is there to give you that platform to Unlock infinite Possibilities.