MKUSA Elections Kick off

MKU Thika Campus Student election campaigns kicks off: Electoral Chair Christopher Munene confirms.

After a rigorous process of vetting, the electoral commission (2020/2021) has embarked on it's mandate to ensure they deliver a free, fair and credible elections devoid of chaos and oversee a process aimed at producing competent MKUSA leaders.


With respect to calendar of events of the institution and in line with the MKUSA Constitution, Mount Kenya University- Thika campus student fraternity is on top gear after a circular released by the electoral commission Chair Mr. Christopher Munene.


Meet Richard Bahati Oduori Mr. Flex 2019/2020

Richard Bahati Oduori [ Mr. Flex MKU Thika Campus]

From Hospital Wards to the red carpet: Richard Oduori Bahati' s journey to Mr. Flex MKU, Thika Campus.

"Competition is never won on the day of the contest... It is won during your training"

The night of 8th November 2019 the story of a young man from Busia County, Funyula constituency, Sio-port town was rewritten. A 4th year student pursuing Bachelors Science in Clinical Medicine and Community Health with nothing but a metallic spirit to learn, adapt, help and succeed.


Newly Refurbished Physiology Laboratory Opens it’s doors to Students

Committed to Quality: Newly Refurbished Physiology Laboratory Opens it’s doors to Students.

Located a few meters from Mount Kenya University's Iconic building- Alumni Plaza, at LT Building is the newly refurbished Physiology Laboratory which opened it’s doors to Students last week.

As you enter the Laboratory, you’re greeted with a blast of fresh air facilitated by enough ventilation to allow in more air. To your left, is a rack mounted on the wall where Students place their bags to prevent contamination and keep surfaces clear for smooth learning.


Meet John Njogu Ngarachu Mr. MKU 2019/2020

Mr MKU 2019/2020 : John Njogu Ngarachu
Mr. John Njogu Ngarachu“My plan as the current Mr MKU 2019/20 is to bring people together through fashion. Fashion doesn't' discriminate in any way rather it brings out individual uniqueness and expertise in the vast field”

Until Friday night John Njogu Ngarachu was just a Student, youth, businessman, Photographer and Brand ambassador African Living Statue and Events. From then henceforth he has a new title to his name; Mr MKU 2019/2020 Thika Campus.


The tall, light, humble and thin penciled Mr MKU 2019/2020 hails from Naivasha, Nakuru County and joined Mount Kenya University to pursue his academic dream. The 3rd Year pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce ( Accounting option ) had other dreams, too, of touching lives through fashion. John sums up his term in four words "Achieving Unity through fashion".