Meet George Camillus Medical Student and Basketball Player

George Camillus

 The Vicious cycle of George Camillus "Camyl": "yes you can!"

" Med school and Basketball has been hard. It's been hell balancing all of them. But it's manageable" Camyl opens up. "

I get drained physically and sometimes emotionally"

In her Commencement address at Wellesley College, Barbara Bush touched on many issues synonymous with Commencement speeches. The most interesting bit is captured in these words . She said; " I hope that many of you will consider making three very special choices.


Internal League Kicks Off

It is fun & Games for the next 10 Weekends: Internal League extravaganza Kicks off at Main Campus- Thika.

The muchly awaited Internal League Kicked Off last week on 25th May 2019 at 10:00am[ E.A.T] in main Campus- Thika.

But why Football league? “Football is the most popular & celebrated sport in the world with no exemption to MKU. Football unites, Football rejuvenates and can be pursued as a career.” Mr. Festus Waweru, Sports Secretary Main Campus Thika



Attracting 16 teams among them international students, Pharmacy and Medicine Students (who find time in their busy academic schedule; majority are pharmacy students & medicine) to play the Most celebrated and Popular Sport in the World- Football.


Notice to all students - Lecture attendance

Kindly note that only students who have attained at least 75% lecture attendance are eligible to sit examinations. You can check your class attendance record as follows:

        1. Login to the student portal
        2. Click timetables then class attendance
        3. Select the Academic Year e.g 2018/2019
        4. Select the Semester e.g May/August

Thank you.


Dr. Ronald G. Maathai
Registrar, Academic Administration

8 Main places to visit in Main Campus

Freshman? 8 places you May have to visit after your May/June Intake in Mount Kenya University- Main Campus

1. Library
2. University Bookshop
3. University Clinic
4. Swimming Pool
5. Students' Center
6. E-hub Gaming Center & Movie Shop
7. Indoors arena
8. Basketball Court