Abstracts of Postgraduate Research Projects/Thesis

Mount Kenya University offers diverse postgraduate academic programmes. The training modes are designed to equip postgraduate students with competitive skills necessary for successful career development. All postgraduate diploma programmes, Masters and PhD programmes require that one has to submit and defend a research project or thesis at the end of the year of study. The abstracts presented are drawn from theses from various schools in the University. This book of abstracts
provides you with an opportunity to share the postgraduate student research findings with other scholars and the public. This book of abstracts will promote the subsequent availability of research findings for teaching purposes as well as making research findings from Mount Kenya University to positively promote one of the seldom ignored yet most important university missions of scientific research and publication. By publishing the book of abstracts, postgraduate students will feel challenged during their research projects to conduct competitive innovative research on various academic topics.

Members of the Board of Postgraduate Studies are responsible for giving guidance in postgraduate research training. The Research and Development Division encourages and coordinates sharing of research information sources. The Division gathers and disseminates information on research findings. The Division also promotes knowledge sharing with stakeholders for accelerated social and economic development.


Prof. John H. Nderitu
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Development Division