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Prof. Tom Nyamache

Prof. Tom Nyamache,

Director Kisii Campus

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Regional integration and trade in Sub-Saharan Africa: an analysis
Authors: Tom Nyamache, Ruth Nyambura
Page 1. I Kabarak University 3rd International conference Date: 15th – 18th October 2013 Conference theme: Applied Research and Innovation for Development Venue: Kabarak University
Title: Regional Integration & Trade in Sub- Saharan Africa: An Analysis By: Tom Nyamache,PhD, Mount Kenya University & Ruth Nyambura, MA, Egerton University Page 2. II CONTENTOF THE PAPER ○ Abstract ○ Introduction ○ Literature Review ○ Methodology ○ Findings ○
Conclusions ○ Recommendations Page 3. III INTRODUCTION 

Hair: A Samburu identity statement

Authors:Ruth Nyambura, Tom Nyamache, Reuben Matheka, Peter Waweru


ABSTRACT Hair is inherently inscribed with meaning as a manifestation of personal preference or imposed rules of conduct. Hair among the Samburu culture is more than simply statement of personal state and style. It is a marker of cultural identity, age, gender, idea; avenue of artistic expression and mastery. This paper discusses hair as a mirror of identity in the Samburu culture. Despite westernism and Christianity the Samburu cultural practices especially adornment has persisted. The study was grounded in the cultural ...

African Journal of African Journal of Education Education Education and Technology
ABSTRACT This paper traces the history of current status, challenges and the paper describes how m development of the nation in t conflict resolutions. The pape hindering the advancement o development and then proffer counsellors for in and out of sc quality living to withstand the development in Nigeria. Keywords: Counseling Services

Globalization, Development and Multi-National Corporations (MNCs): The Kenyan Scenario
Authors :Tom Nyamache, Ruth Nyambura
Abstract This paper examines the globalization phenomenon which has become the real approach for the international economy in the 21 st century. This is evident from the fact that nations have become more interdependent through the flow of goods, services, and financial capital since the 1 970s through the 1980s and presently. The growing importance of industrialization has made the integration into the global economy virtually synonymous with development for a number of nations, Kenya among them. The nature of globalization ...


Colour symbolism in Africa: A historical perspective
Authors:Tom Nyamache, Ruth Nyambura
Journal:Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management
Africans have visibly continued to embrace colour for various symbolic meanings, particularly with regard to clothing within a variety of settings. Clothes bearing varying colours are often the most visible elements during ceremonies. The colours of these clothes often reflect the occasion and define an individual's participation in the ceremony. This paper aims to reveal some of the general functions of colours in diverse African rituals and ceremonies. Data was collected from three sources: observations

ABSTRACT The variety of handbag and purse designs keeps getting bigger, more unique and interesting. The recent trend is away from backpacks style to oversized handbags. Women want a more fashionable handbag that can also be used as a briefcase, laptop case and even baby bag. Handbags go back to the beginning of time and have become a practicality and a fashion statement for women of all ages. Thus this paper analyses the history of the handbags from ancient trends to the present. 

Evil Eye: An African Overview
Authors:Ruth Nyambura, Tom Nyamache, Gechiko B Nyabwari

Oral literature genres stimulate intellectual growth and enable learners to use their critical and creative thinking skills. However, they are dismally performed genre in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) English Examination. The poor performance is attributed to 
the inappropriate and ineffective teaching methods used in literature among other factors. Oral literature genres require appropriate teaching methods in order to achieve the intended instructional goals. Co-operative Learning Approach (CLA) is a method designed for all

 A re-look at contribution and linkages between technological innovations, financial inclusion of the poor and performance of m-pesa in Kenya

Tom Mokweri Nyamache, Musa Ondara Nyakora
Journal: Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities
The linkage between sustainable technological innovations and financial inclusion of the poor provides a useful framework for thinking about the potential contributions of M-pesa towards enhancing rural livelihoods and combating rural poverty in Kenya. By focusing on the rural poor and their daily financial money transfer needs and challenges the discussion  in this paper is directed to the specific needs and priorities of the poor. M-pesa technological innovations are then viewed not as an end in themselves but as tools to facilitate a range 



Globalization and Regional Integration: An East African Perspective

Authors:Tom Nyamache, Ruth Nyambura, Vincent Ntabo


Abstract This paper focuses on globalization as a very important aspect in both the national and international arenas. it plays a major role as far as regional blocs are concerned, East Africa included. This study anchors on a pivotal role this phenomenon plays in the East African nation states through a demand for each other's endowed resources resting on their comparative advantages. Globalization creates a binding structure amongst the East African economies. it encourages cross border movements following the 20th November 2009