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Masters of Arts in Development Studies

Admission Requirements for Masters Programmes:
The following shall be eligible for admission into Masters degree programmes:-

  1. A  holder of a bachelors’s degree in Development Studies,  Humanities,  Arts and Social  Sciences with at least a second class honours( upper division).
  2. A holder of a bachelors degree  in Development Studies  with  at least second class honours (lower division) with and a minimum of two years experience.

Justification for the Proposed Programme
The MDS curriculum was founded on three considerations and concerns raised by Bachelor of Arts students drawn from Social Science backgrounds interested in pursuing Master of Development Studies. The need was for a diverse and responsive curriculum that;

  1. Reflects market needs.
  2.  Acknowledges the status of the Kenyan Constitution, Vision 2030 and development related international conventions and instruments.
  3. Courses and their distribution are packaged to give the MKU students a cutting edge in the market.

There is public demand for human capital that is well versed with practical and theoretical issues in the development discourse and well equipped to address the myriad challenges emanating from development.
Objectives of the Proposed Programme

  1. To equip students with the academic skills in critical thinking necessary for understanding development in the contexts of economics, governance and other related courses.
  2. To expose students to development studies as a multidisciplinary subject in order to cultivate interdisciplinary knowledge and skills of development and make them aware of the multiple challenges facing the developing world.
  3. To enable students to learn theories and concepts that help in exploring the paths leading to sustainable development.
  4. To provide students with skills of social science research including writing and designing research project proposals; and research methodologies using both quantitative and qualitative methods.
  5. To prepare students to work in diverse development programs and projects both in international, regional, national and rural and urban settings.
  6.  To develop effective leadership qualities among the students so as to materialize development works in the area of need with higher level of achievement.

Duration of the Programme
The MDS programme shall run on a semester basis extending for two years. This will be offered through two options of either a Research Project or a Thesis.

Target Group
This programme targets the first degree holders in related field who want to specialise  in development studies, people working with NGOs and Government in the department of gender, Development and social services,
Mode of delivery of the MDS

  1. Full time (Regular)
  2. Part time(Evening)
  3. Institution based programme(School holidays)
  4.  Virtual Learning