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School of Social Sciences

Message from the Dean

Dr. Kennedy K. Mutundu - Dean, School of Social SciencesDr. Kennedy K. Mutundu - Dean, School of Social SciencesThe School of Social Sciences (SSS) was established from the former larger School of Applied Social Sciences in September 2010 and was established with a mission of offering internationally recognized and acclaimed undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral study opportunities. Besides training programmes, the School is a rapidly growing center of excellence in research and community outreach, with its staff members involved in various projects that greatly compliment its academic programmes.

The School also administers academic and training programmes in the Institute of Security Studies, Justice and Ethics based in our Nairobi Campus

Our greatest resource is the body of students, undergraduate and postgraduate to whom we are dedicated in offering timely and quality service through career mentorship, Social Sciences based student clubs, seminars and community outreach programmes.



  1. Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) in Counseling Psychology
  2. Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) in Religious Studies


  1. Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  2. Master of Arts in Development Studies
  3. Master of Arts in English Language and Linguistics
  4. Master of Arts in English Literature
  5. Master of Arts in Geography
  6. Master of Arts in History
  7. Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy
  8. Master of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies
  9. Master of Arts in Kiswahili
  10. Master of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation
  11. Master of Arts in Religious Studies

 Post Graduate

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management


  1. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Development
  5. Bachelor of Counseling Psychology
  6. Bachelor of Development Studies
  7. Bachelor of Social Work and Administration


  1. Diploma in Animation and Motion Studies
  2. Diploma in Community Development and Social Work
  3. Diploma in Counseling Psychology
  4. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  5. Diploma in NGO Management
  6. Diploma in Public Relations and Diplomacy


  1. Certificate in Bridging English
  2. Certificate in Community Development and Social Work
  3. Certificate in English as a Second Language
  4. Certificate in Journalism and Mass Communication


  1. Amir Kabunga