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Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities was established 2011. It is made up of subject areas of History, International Relations and Diplomacy, Geography, and Religious Studies.  The Department services the School of Education by teaching the respective teaching subjects at the diploma and degree levels. The department offers school-based Masters Programmes in the four subject areas. The courses offered meet a variety of human needs in a holistic manner and equip graduates for postmodern job markets which need workers who can drive development through multi-tasking.  Students  undertaking  courses in Humanities  have  a  wide  field  of  job  opportunities  both  in  institutions  and  self-employment. These include;

a)Institutional employment
  • Teaching 
  • Curriculum development
  • NGOs concerned with environment, social work and more 
  • Research 
  • Leadership  institutions 
  • Political analysts
  • Diplomats
  • Environmental Management
  • Urban planning

b)    Self-employment

  • Research and  writing in areas of specialization 
  • Setting  up  Community Based Organizations (CBOs) 
  • Consultancy firms





Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations        KCSE Mean grade of C+ and C+ and    8 semesters above in subject areas Ksh.60,000
per semester
Offered in Thika Main campus
Diploma/Certificate  in International Relations    Mean grade of C plain 4 Semester Ksh.20,550 per semester
Offered in Thika main campus
Certificate in Environmental
Impact Assessment
(short course)      )
KCSE mean grade of C plain and above C plain in subject areas Ksh.20,550 per trimester
(full time or evening
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