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Visit to Ghana – MKUSA President Reflects

“While Uhuru Kenyatta the President of the Republic of Kenya was in USA attending the African leaders summit, I Marvin Kimathi, the Mount Kenya University Students Association (MKUSA) President was in Ghana attending the 4th Annual African Students’ and Youth Summit. We were discussing matters terrorism. It was a great pleasure to represent MKU, the biggest private university in East and Central Africa. I was also very humbled to represent private universities from Kenya in this summit organised by All Africa Students Union (AASU).

The aim of having this summit was to bring together student leaders from all over Africa, to come up with recommendations on how to curb the increasing number of terrorist activities in Africa. It was clearly a concern to the delegates that those being used to carry out acts of terror are young people.

The terrorists influence the youth to join them on the promise of good pay. What we as African student leaders concluded is that unemployment in African countries is the major reason why so many youth are joining terrorist groups. We all agreed to unite and champion our voices especially in governance at national level. To this end, all African governments must ensure that young people have adequate job opportunities to deter the allure of quick money, which is the channel that terrorists use in recruiting the youth. I contributed to the discussion by pointing out that its time for Africa to rise, to speak in one voice, to unite and become independent from the international community. Africa is the most resourceful continent in the world, we are blessed with minerals, wildlife, rich soils for agriculture and a favourable climate.

We can manage our continent and end poverty by empowering our people. It’s up to us to ideally help our governments to provide jobs for the youth and fight terrorism through preaching peace and uniting the African people.  Africa must rise! I received an award on behalf of MKU for the university’s efforts in providing affordable and quality education in East Africa.”

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