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New Administration Block coming up at Thika Main Campus

It's a teary farewell for the legendary, W-shaped edifice whose days go back to TIT

MKU Thika new administartion block design.MKU Thika new administartion block design.A new administration block will be constructed at Thika Main Campus. The imposing five-storey building will perhaps be the most memorable and emotive phase in the ongoing improvement of infrastructure at MKU campuses. It will see the demolition of the single- storied, W-shaped building that has been synonymous with MKU main entrance.

The old block was constructed in 2004 (the days of Thika Institute of Technology) and houses the main university reception, office of Admissions, Registrar, Finance, School of Pharmacy and the all- important laboratories.
"Upon completion in 2015, the new administration block will completely transform the front fascia of MKU Thika Main Campus," says Board of Trustees Chairman Simon N. Gicharu. “It will also enable us serve up to four times the number of people.” He shares more on this vision:

Tell us about the new Administration block
First of all, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Council and university management, I would like to convey my apologies for the anticipated inconvenience once construction commences. Having said that, I would like to add that the new building is part of our deliberate efforts to improve infrastructure at all our campuses to enable as serve our students and stakeholders better. The Administration Block will be five floors high, and as the front face of the university, it befits the stature of MKU as the most remarkable private university in the region.

It's nostalgic having to pull down such a historic building
Yes, and it brings back fond memories of TIT. But adopting to change and coping with emerging challenges has been the keys to success of MKU. This new project is a manifestation of these ideals. Of course, we as the MKU community owe it TIT for laying down the foundation of progress.

So what happens to the existing offices and laboratories in particular?
We will accommodate the different offices at the Chancellor’s Tower in the interim period. The Pharmacy division will be temporarily relocated to where the lawn tennis court stands. With co-operation, all activities at the relocated offices will progress like clockwork.  

And what about the tennis court? Game will be no more?

Not at all. We will relocate the tennis court as part of an on-going improvement of all racket and indoor games. As you know, we have often placed emphasis on sporting activities for our students. We believe sports are crucial even for overall well-being.

What will you remember most about the old Administration Block?
Its design resembles two outstretched arms inviting someone for a hug. It is a befitting design considering the calibre of visitors we hosted at TIT and now, at MKU.  We have had two Presidents, several Ministers, ambassadors and high commissioners come to visit us. Mark you, the new Administration Block is also a pair of outstretched arms. All are welcome.

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