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ICB conducts “Managing For Results” training

ICB in partnership with Dr. Ray Laferla has just competed a one-week intensive training for mid-senior managers on “Managing For Results.”  The course was held at Nairobi Safari Club between 19th and 23rd May, 2014.
Among the participants were Corporate Managers, Directors of Non-Governmental Organization, Executives from various County Governments and Senior Managers from Institutions of Higher Learning.

Dr. Ray is an international consultant and a leading authority in management, leadership and organizational development. He holds a Masters degree in clinical psychotherapy and a PhD in occupational psychology. He has published several books and inventories.

During the course, participants were taken though the following sessions:

  1. Session 1 ‐ Why Managers Fail
  2. Session 2 ‐ The Functions & Activities of Management
  3. Session 3 ‐ The Performance Scorecard
  4. Session 4 ‐ Action Planning
  5. Session 5 ‐ Delegating
  6. Session 6 ‐ Selecting People
  7. Session 7 ‐ Communicating
  8. Session 8 ‐ Motivating People
  9. Session 9 ‐ Developing People
  10. Session 10 ‐ Why Decisions Fail
  11. Session 11 ‐ Making Effective Decisions
  12. Session 12 ‐ Maintaining Effective Controls
  13. Session 13 ‐ Correcting Sub‐standard Performance
  14. Session 14 ‐ Appraising Overall Performance
  15. Session 15 ‐ The Personal Qualities of Great Integrated Human Dynamics Managers

After the training, participants expressed optimism that they had learnt most practical, effective, up-to-date best practices and strategies that are guaranteed to achieve results. Some reckoned that they had attended various management training but none of those dealt with the “how” aspect of doing things. Dr. Ray has a unique way of communicating how things can be done differently to achieve optimal performance through people. He has global experience in management, having worked as a senior manager in top companies. His background in psychology makes him a unique facilitator of management and leadership.

Ms. Mumbi Kigwe Wettstein was the chief guest at the closing ceremony. Mumbi is a radio presenter at 96.3 Nation FM. She was accompanied by her mum, Ms. Nancy Wettstein. While congratulating the participants for taking time to enhance their managerial and leadership competencies, she encouraged them to be strong mentors and coaches. She credited her successful career path to her managers who encouraged and supported her initiatives thus making it possible for her to exploit her full potential. She castigated managers who feel like bosses thus stifling their subordinates’ creativity.


The next workshop will be held from August 17-22, 2014 in Naivasha. Please log into www.icb.co.ke, to register. We look forward to seeing you in Naivasha.

To view event photos visit :https://www.flickr.com/photos/124118034

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