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About Nairobi city

Nairobi is a cosmopolitan city with a population of about 4 million. It is the  most remarkable financial and communication centre in Africa after Johannesburg (South Africa) and Cairo (Egypt). It is also the largest economy in East Africa and the region’s major trade artery.  The name “Nairobi” is derived from the phrase “Enkare Nyrobi” which means “cold water.”

Nairobi was founded by the British in 1899 as a simple rail depot on the railway linking Mombasa to Uganda. The town quickly grew to become the capital of British East Africa in 1907, and eventually the capital of the newly independent Kenya Republic in 1963. (Read more here http://goo.gl/hqP08)
Most of the universities and institutions of higher learning also have campuses in Nairobi.

TOWERS OF EXCELLENCE: MKU Towers, MKU Union Towers and Bank House, (all along Moi Avenue) and MKU Parklands School of Law. They house MKU Nairobi Campus.

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