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Bachelor of Development Studies

The program focuses on economic, social and political processes linked to development cooperation. It will give the student an insight to critically examine global and local preconditions and processes of development.

Entry Requirements
The following are the minimum requirements for registration into BDS degree Programme

a.    Direct Entry

i)    KCSE or equivalent certificate with a minimum of C+ and grade C (plain) in English and any one Humanity subject (History/Religious Education/Geography/Commerce) or similar grades in an equivalent examination approved by the University Senate in liaison with CHE.

ii)    KACE or equivalent Certificate with a minimum of the principles passes and O level Credit in English Language and any Humanity subject.

iii)    Diploma in relevant disciplines in the field of business and management from an institution recognized by the University Senate in liaison with CHE and which may be eligible for credit transfers on application as spelt out by the University’s credit transfer policy

b.    Entry via University Bridging

i)    A holder of KCSE certificate or equivalent with a minimum of C+ and lacking clusters subject as in (i) above.  The Candidate must score at least a C plain in the subject he/she is bridging in as in 6.1.1. (i) above;
ii)    A holder of KACE certificate or equivalent with minimum of two principles and lacking O level clusters subject grades as in 6.1.1.(ii) above.  The candidate must score in the subject in which he/she is bridging in as 6.1.1 (ii)

c.    Entry via Pre-university Programme
i)    A holder of KCSE certificate or equivalent with a mean aggregate of C (plain) with C (plain) in English and any Humanity subject.

Objectives of the programme

  1. To provide students with a broad base knowledge and skills in order to systematically manage modern economic and social aspects;
  2. To provide an understanding of perspectives that forms the context of development;
  3. To provide basic knowledge, skills and ability in the development in support of organizations;
  4. To produce a graduate development professional whose qualification will be recognized in the world;
  5. To equip students with analytical critical thinking and problem solving skills in development;
  6. To produce graduates who can apply effectively  and efficiently the acquired scientific knowledge, skills and abilities in the course for the socio- economic benefit of mankind and country industrial development.

Rationale of the programme
The BDS Course of study is meant to meet the current needs for development experts with broad based knowledge skills and abilities in the following business areas:

  1. Project Management
  2. Community Development
  3. Change Management.

Course Duration
The Bachelor of Development Studies shall normally be offered over a minimum of four (4) years of study, usually called academic years and maximum of (6) years

Target Group
This programme targets the form four leavers who want to pursue a career in development studies,  the diploma holders and people working with NGOs and Government in the department of gender, Development and social services,

Transfer of Credits / Units and Exemptions
Applicants may transfer credits for similar Units taken and passed in other institutions recognized by the university senate in the basic years only.

Applicants seeking transfer of credit may;-

  1. Send a formal application seeking transfer of credits, justification of the request and attach evidence of the credentials which would support such request;
  2.  Apply for transfer of credit which is processed only after paying the prescribed exemption fee;

Units applied for transfer should have attained a grade B and above

Mode of delivery of the BDS
I.    Full time (Regular)
II.    Part time(Evening)
III.    Virtual Learning


Download the most recent fee structure here

Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

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