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Master of Arts (Monitoring and Evaluation)

Rationale of the proposed programme
This programme is designed to meet the training needs of people who intend to become monitoring and evaluation practitioners in the public and private sectors, especially in the fields of programmes, projects, development, health, education, and environmental fields. Employment opportunities for graduates from the programme exists in Government, civil societies, NGOS, international organisations engaged in development activities and commercial firms engaged in social activities.  International organizations providing evaluation support, advice and expertise for development in developing economies (African  Development Bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Health Organization); Private sector, multinational corporations and local firms.

Program objectives

  1. To help Students develop an understanding of basic theoretical concepts applied in M&E.
  2. To encourage students to develop critical analysis in examining developmental situations
  3. To equip students with skills to participate and handle development projects at community, national and international levels competently
  4. To empower students with development research skills and prepare them  for progression to higher levels of study
  5. To encourage students to become proactive, creative, independent thinkers and analytical in aspects affecting their day-to-day aspects.
  6. To provide students with understanding of cross-disciplinary approaches to demographic, social-cultural, economic and environmental factors and structures, uneven development and its impact to local, regional and global scales

Mode of delivery of the proposed programme

  1.  Full time (Regular)
  2. Part time/evening
  3. School based
  4. Weekend intensive
  5. Online/distance learning

Duration of study
The program of studies leading to the Master of Arts (Monitoring and Evaluation) degree programme of Mount Kenya University shall extend for a period of at least eighteen months but not more than thirty six (36) months for full time students. Students enrolled into the programme on a part time basis shall complete it in a period not exceeding forty eight (48) months


Download the most recent fee structure here

Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

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