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Certificate in Community Development and Social Work

Objectives of the programme

  1. To introduce learners to the models of social work practice and their usefulness and limitations.
  2. To introduce learners to the  theories underlying practice and practice decisions;
  3. To introduce learners to the social work code of ethics and its relevance to practice.
  4. The ability to understand the multiple and complex reasons for client situations and actions including the “positives” within client problems.
  5. The ability to have perspective on one’s actions as a practitioner and to use oneself deliberately and ethically to effect change

Entry Requirements

  1. Be holders of aggregate grade of C- in KCSE and grade C- in Mathematics and English.
  2. Division III in KCE with credit passes in mathematics and English
  3. Be a holder of any other qualification accepted by the University Senate as equivalent to any of the above

 Course Duration
The Certificate in Community Development and Social Work shall normally be offered over a minimum of one (1) year of study, usually called academic year and a maximum of (2) years

Duration and Fees

Kindly click on this link to view the fees and program duration 

Download application form here

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