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Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology

Philosophy of the proposed programme

  1. To nurture and build students and staff professionally for purposes of achieving towards educational development of the people of Kenya   and  the National vision of an industrialized nation by the year 2030 and beyond.
  2. To offer a holistic approach in the field of education, science and technology.

Rationale of the proposed programme
Needs assessment / market survey / situation analysis
Mount Kenya University mission proposes to provide world class standards in training. With the advent of Modern Science and Technology, the education system in Kenya has undergone drastic changes in the past four decades or so. The changes have affected many courses of study that are being governed by market demands. Employers are equally keen on the type of graduates being produced by Kenyan Universities. This curriculum of Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology is therefore designed to meet these challenges and demands affecting Kenya’s labour market as dictated by both local and international demands.  The program is also designed to combat shortage of professionally trained personnel in this country, Africa region and the world at large.
The curriculum is also designed to provide scientists able to work competitively in all fields and areas in the manufacturing, teaching and research sector of this country and beyond.
The programme shall also provide Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology graduates with real world situations full of various techniques of teaching, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences that prepare them to meet challenges in the fields of teaching and learning process.
Justification for the need of the proposed programmes
While striving to fulfill the gaps identified arising from the needs survey, Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology programme has been designed to recognize that its graduates shall: -

Have strong analytic and critical thinking, knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities to:

i)    Solve problems in biology-related disciplines
ii)    Conceptualize and systemize functions, principles, procedures, and data in the institutions
b)    Design and implement solutions that enhance performance in Laboratory and research institutions as intended to:
i)    Acquire, process, design and store knowledge and information for the benefit of the society and mankind at large.
ii)    Help both his/her seniors and juniors achieve their goals in life.

Objectives of the proposed Programme

  1. To prepare graduates who are practical in their approaches.
  2. To meet the increasing demand of scientists in the labour market
  3. To equip learners with the learning capacity and capability to harness and implement relevant emerging issues.
  4. To provide graduates with requisite skills needed in the management of relevant Institutions.

Expected learning Outcomes of the proposed programme
Upon successful completion of the prescribed course of study, the Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology graduates will have acquired knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to effectively undertake research in biology related fields such as Ecology, Entomology, Parasitology, among others

Mode of delivery of the proposed programme
The mode of delivery shall be the direct mode, face to face teacher / student teaching / learning mode
Academic Regulation for the proposed programme
Admission requirements for the proposed programme
The following are the minimum requirements for registration into Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology

Direct Entry
i)    KCSE certificate with a minimum mean grade of C+ and grade C+ (plus) in Biology and C plain in Chemistry, Mathematics and/or physics subjects
ii)    KACE certificate with a minimum of two principal passes in subjects and O level Credit in Biology/Chemistry
iii)    Diploma in relevant disciplines from an institution of higher learning recognized by the University Senate.
iv)    An equivalent qualification recognized by the university Senate.

Entry Vide University Bridging
i)    A holder of KCSE certificate or equivalent with a minimum of C+ and grade C+ (plus) in Biology and lacking cluster subjects (Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics subjects as in (i) above). The Candidate must score at least a D+ (plus) in the subject he/she is bridging in as in (i) Above.

ii)    A holder of KACE certificate or equivalent with minimum of two principal passes and lacking O level cluster subject grades as in above.  The candidate must score at least D+ Plus in the subject in which he/she is bridging in as (ii)

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer and exemption are possible depending on the qualification of the applicant as spelt out in the university‘s credit transfer policy.

Requirement for credit transfer /exemptions;

The applicant must have attained the pass mark in the subject to be considered for credit transfer /exemption from an institution recognized by the senate.

The following conditions should be met in seeking an exemption for a particular subject;

  1. The applicant shall pay a non refundable credit transfer /exemption fee as determined by the school Board and approved by senate.
  2. A formal application on a prescribed form should be lodged with the Dean of school.
  3. The application should include justification and documentary support for the exemption examination.
  4. The school board may require the applicant to sit an exemption examination.
  5. No exemption shall be granted for professional subjects.

Duration and Fees

Kindly click on this link to view the fees and program duration 

Download application form here

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