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Diploma in Food Science and Processing Technology

Course Rationale
The diploma in Food Science and processing Technology course  involves the study of biological, chemical, biochemical, physical and engineering sciences as applied in food processing and preservation technologies. The science aspect  concerns the study of properties and behaviour of food from the point of origin to the consumer while the technology aspect  deals with the application of these sciences in the production/processing and preservation of safe, nutritious, appealing and affordable food products with the application of modern scientific technologies. The current employment market in Kenya is scarce and calls for graduates with, not only mastery of the specialised subjects, but also with ability to venture into private business and extend knowledge to others. In view of this, selected subjects in economics, industrial management and environmental science are included in the course.

Why Study The Programme
Upon completion of this course, the graduate will be qualified to work in food processing industries in production and managerial capacities, to teach, carry out research and extension in governmental and non-governmental institutions, to venture into entrepreneurship in the food industry and to pursue further education in food related disciplines.

Programme Objectives.

  1. To equip/provide appropriate in depth of knowledge and skills in subjects related to the food industry for the graduates of diploma in Food Science and processing Technology.
  2. To provide the students with practical skills, knowledge and attitudes so that they are able to operate the principle types of food processing machinery, to carry out duties of a first line supervisor in the food processing    industry ;carry out routine quality control and analysis of foods  participate positively in rural  development of the food industry through self employment and to qualify for further education to BSC. In Food science and processing technology/or BSC in Food science and technology in other institutions of higher running and participate also in other man power development programmes.
  3. To provide practical training on projects of food commodity.

Entry Requirements

  1. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a mean grade c (plain) or its equivalent with a minimum grade in each of the following subjects: C- in Physics/ math’s, Chemistry and Biology, or C in Physical Science and Biological Science  Or
  2. Holders of qualifications equivalent to the above from institutions recognized by the Mount Kenya University Senate may also be admitted. Or
  3. Certificate holders in subjects related to food science and technology or their equivalent considering individual merit.   

Programme Duration and Fee
3 Academic Years

Programme Start Dates
January, May and September every year

Fee Structure
Click here to download the fees structure

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