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Diploma in Medical Engineering

Rationale of the Programme
The Course is intended to prepare trainees for future employment in the field of maintenance and repair of clinical medical equipment and hospital systems.

Why study the Programme
The course is designed to equip trainees with the knowledge and skills to enable them work safely, accurately and efficiently in most common health care equipment and systems.

Target Groups
The course is also intended to impart general knowledge so as to provide change the attitudes to enable the trainee contribute positively to the society.

Programme Objectives
At the end of the course the trainee should be able to: -

•    Understand the general working and use of common health care equipment and systems
•    Diagnose technical faults in common health care equipment and systems.
•    Maintain clinical medical equipment and hospital systems in serviceable conditions
•    Interpret working drawing with a view of fabricating a given technical part to improve efficiency of the system without endangering patients
•    Have acquired safe working attitudes for any working environment
•    Modify existing systems to improve efficiency
•    Appreciate management and organization problems and display skills in medical engineering fields

Entry Requirements
Direct entry
For a student to be admitted into the diploma into computer engineering, he/she should certify one of the following minimum requirements.
iii.    The student must be a holder of a minimum aggregate grade of C in KCSE and grade C- in Mathematics and Physics
Or Division III in KCE with credit passes in Mathematics and English
iv.    The student must have credit pass and above in the Certificate in Medical Engineering or equivalent qualification may be considered for admission.
Mature Entry Requirements
The mature age entry requirements are as stipulated below

•    Minimum aggregate of C- plus a relevant certificate
•    Have at least two years’ work experience in the field of study being sort
•    Pass an entrance examination set and administered by the university.

Programme Duration: 9 Trimesters
The University shall have both full time and part time students
The duration of the diploma course shall extend over a period of NINE trimesters including 3 Months for industrial attachment
For part time students the duration for diploma course shall not exceed 36 Months, including three months of industrial attachment in a business organization.
Programme Start Dates:

September 2004
Fee Structure
Click here to download the fees structure

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