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Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Rationale of the Programme
Bachelor in Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is therefore designed to meet the challenges and demands affecting Kenya’s labour market as dictated by both local and international demands.  The program is also designed to combat shortage of professionally trained teachers in this country, Africa region and the world at large.

Why study the Programme
The programme shall provide Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduates with real world situations full of various techniques of teaching, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences that prepare them to meet challenges in the fields of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Target Groups
The curriculum is designed to provide interdisciplinary approaches for training education professionals and scientists who need to work competitively in all fields and areas in the energy and environment sector of this country and beyond.

Programme Objectives
Upon successful completion of the prescribed course of study, the Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, graduates will have acquired knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to:

  1. Conduct research on science based Electrical and Electronic Engineering issues
  2. Design, construct and test different energy generation, transmission, and utilization technologies.
  3. Develop environmentally friendly technologies.
  4. Utilize teaching methodologies to adapt to the changing energy environment and demand.
  5. Provide guidance and advisory services on career paths in science related fields.

Entry Requirements
Candidates shall be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (BEEE) degree of Mount Kenya University in the following categories:
Minimum Entry Requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree.
i.    The University and Faculty common regulations shall apply.
ii.    The candidate must have passed the K.C.S.E. or equivalent examination at the minimum grades  indicated below:
         Alternative "A"                      Alternative "B"
        Mathematics    C+               Mathematics        C+
        Physics        C+                    Physical Science    B-
        Geography    C+        Geography        C+
In  addition , a candidate in alternative "A" having any one of the following subjects shall have an added  advantage while those in   alternative "B" must have a minimum of grade C+ in any one of the following:

  1.  Power mechanics
  2.  Building Constructions
  3.  Woodwork
  4.  Drawing and Design
  5.  Electricity
  6.  Economics

iii.    Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) or the A-level equivalent should satisfy all the requirements below:

  1. At least two principal passes in Mathematics and Physics; and
  2. At least a total score of nine (9) points at the KACE or equivalent; and
  3. At least a credit pass in chemistry at the KCE or its equivalent.

iv.    Higher Diploma holders: A candidate holding a Higher Diploma from Kenya National Examination Council in relevant area or its equivalent as shall be determined by university senate, shall be admitted into the third year of study.
v.    Diploma applicants: A candidate must be holders of MKU diploma in engineering with at least a credit pass in the relevant discipline or its equivalent as shall be determined by university senate. Diploma holders will normally be admitted into the second year of study.
vi.    A holder of other qualifications recognized by the Senate as equivalent to i, to iv above.

 Programme Duration:
The curriculum for the degree programme shall extend over a period of not less than five academic years of study.


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Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

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