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Diploma in Education (DTE)

Philosophy of the  programme
To harness and equip students with the current and appropriate knowledge for service to humanity

Rationale of the programme
Needs assessment / market survey /situational analysis.
The University conducted an extensive market survey prior to the designing of the programme where critical gaps were identified. The DTE programme was therefore designed to fill the gaps thereof.

Justification for the Needs of the Programme
In fulfilling the gaps identified, the Diploma in Teacher Education programme has been designed to recognize that its graduates shall:
i.    Solve educational problems in academic institutions.
ii.    Help staff and students in schools and colleges to attain their goals in education.
iii.    Exhibit strong educational principles, good interpersonal communication Skills, values, and attitude.

Goals of the Programme.
    The goals of the programme shall be to:

  1. Prepare graduates who are practical in the teaching profession.
  2. Meet the increasing demand in the labour market for teachers
  3. Produce graduates who can apply scientific and technological knowledge, skills, and abilities in the dissemination of education to the youths.

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Curriculum.
Upon successful completion of this programme, graduands of Diploma of Education will have acquired knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate methodologically and systematically, their practical skills, and abilities in controlling, conducting, and administering various institutions as school heads.
  2. Build, and nurture students and members of the teaching staff professionally towards educational development of the people of Kenya.
  3. Equip learners with both theoretical and practical skills in the field of Education, Science and Technology.

Admission requirements for the Programme.
The following shall be the minimum admission requirements for registration in the DTE Programme which in no way entitles the applicant to a place in the university. In addition, candidates shall be required to fill in specific admission requirements of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction to which they have applied for.

  1. Mean C (plain) and above or its equivalence from any other public or private university recognized by the Commission of University Education (CUE)
  2. For the purposes of this regulation, approved subjects shall be such subjects as senate shall from time to time determine.
  3. Candidates must give name and full address of a referee who is a person conversant with University Standards- preferably a graduate and who is well placed to assess the candidate’s potential as a University student. Candidates shall also be required to ensure that the referee has consented to report on them, and that their addresses are correct.
  4. No candidate, who has previously attended any University shall be admitted to the DtE course under these regulations, for which they failed to qualify during their previous attendance, unless they produce evidence of further study satisfactory to the University.


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Application form

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