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Certificate in Community Health

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the trainee should be able to do the following:

  1. To carry out First Aid effectively and efficiently.
  2. To carry out community health education and to mobilize and organize use of community resources in health care.
  3. To participate in Community Health and Development projects in the community.
  4. To help in vector control activities in the community to break the disease transmission routes.
  5. To carry out comprehensive counseling ant to provide and promote home based care in the community.
  6. To participate in immunization programmes and be involved in the promotion of MCH/FP activities in the community.
  7. To assist in the organization and the running of the HIV/AIDS prevention and control programmes.
  8. To promote proper housing and to advise the community on safe/hygienic handling of excreta
  9. To participate in proper waste management.
  10. To promote good nutrition and to advice the community on the importance of food security.

Admission Requirements
The minimum requirement for admission for certificate in Community Health is a C- (minus) in KCSE or its equivalent with a minimum pass C- (minus) in English or Kiswahili, Biology and Mathematics respectively and minimum passes D+ (plus) in any two of the following: Chemistry, Physics or Physical Science and Home Science.
Be a holder of any other qualification accepted by the University Senate as an equivalent qualification
Exceptions and Credit transfers shall be considered by the University Senate on payment of requisite fees. Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee automatic admission to the Certificate in Community Health.

Programme structure and duration

  1. The Certificate in Community Health shall be offered over a minimum period of four (4) terms or one academic year and one term.
  2. Each academic year consists of three terms
  3. A candidate must complete a minimum of twelve (12) weeks or three (3) months of attachment in a recognized institution / organization after which he/she shall submit a written report for grading. In addition an examinable research project must be carried out in the final academic year in a specialized area selected by the candidate.


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Application form

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