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Diploma in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies

Mount Kenya University mission propose to provide world class standards in training. With the advent of Modern Science and Technology, the education system in Kenya has undergone drastic changes in the past four decades or so. The changes have affected many courses of study that are being governed by market demands.   The employers are equally keen on the type of graduate being    produced by Kenyan Universities. This curriculum of Diploma in conflict resolution and Peace Studies (DCRPS) is therefore designed to meet these challenges and demands affecting Kenya’s.

The curriculum is also designed to provide interdisciplinary approaches for training conflict resolution and Peace building professionals who need to work competitively in all fields and areas in the peace studies sector of this country and beyond.

Why Study the Programme

  1. Develop an understanding of the theories and concepts of peace and conflict and their application to global, regional and local contexts;
  2. Develop an ability to evaluate the international policy debates in the fields of peace, conflict and development;
  3. Develop skills to analyze the structural issues that cause and promote inequality and violence on local, community, national, regional, and international levels;
  4. Provide knowledge for reviewing existing methods for conflict transformation and negotiation as well as formulating new and situation-specific responses to injustice;
  5. Provide students with the intellectual challenge of enhancing and deepening academic skills in international law, politics and economics;

Target Groups

Leaders and stakeholders worldwide, and particularly in Kenya have desires to support peace and solidarity especially in East and Central Africa, since the inception of the United Nations Organization. This is reflection of an energetic and incessant commitment with warring parties and peace initiatives over the years. The policy frameworks in some nations have been developed to steer the awareness of peace, security and sustainable development. Nevertheless, the need for trained cadre of human resources who can articulate the national vision on peace and security in order to implement the strategic objectives cannot be ignored. Diploma in Conflict Resolution in Peace Studies, therefore, is anticipated toward improvement of national capacity building for the realization of peaceful, secure, and stable African continent.

Programme Objectives
Mount Kenya University with an emphasis of science, technology and humanities, offers an all rounded education including moral and professional education to all persons irrespective of religion, race, gender or political affiliation, social or cultural background. It endeavors to develop well trained man power equipped with technological scientific knowledge and capacities from certificates, diplomas, under graduate and post‐graduate degree Programmes

Entry Requirements

To be admitted into the Diploma in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies    programme, a student must fulfill the following requirements:
a)    Mean grade of c (plain) and above  in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or other qualifications recognized by the senate

b)    A Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with an average grade C- (C minus) and certificate related to the field.                                      
c)    Applicants who have not taken any of the above examinations must produce acceptable documentary evidence of having passed an examination of equivalent

Exemptions and credit transfers
Credit transfer and exemption are possible depending on the qualification of the applicant as spelt out in the university‘s credit transfer policy.
i) Requirement for credit transfer /exemptions;
The applicant must have attained the pass mark in the subject to be considered for credit transfer /exemption from an institution recognized by the senate.
The following conditions should be met in seeking an exemption for a particular subject;
-    The applicant shall pay a non-refundable credit transfer /exemption fee as determined by the school Board and approved by senate.
-    A formal application on a prescribed form should be lodged with the Dean of school.
-    The application should include justification and documentary support for the exemption examination.
-    The school board may require the applicant to sit an exemption examination.
-    No exemption shall be granted for professional subjects.         
Programme Start Dates
Every January, May and Sept


Download the most recent fee structure here

Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

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