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Diploma in Dental Technology

Course Rationale
Mount Kenya University being a science and Technology Oriented university carried out a market survey and found out that; the opportunities that exist for dentists now and in the future make oral health one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding professions. Individuals who choose to pursue dental careers are motivated, scientifically curious, intelligent, ambitious, and socially conscious health professionals. They are men and women from diverse backgrounds and cultures, all of whom want to do work that make a difference.

Why Study the Programme
To Train Dental Technologist who will Evaluate, Design, fabricate and fit dental prostheses and appliance accurately

Target Groups
There is a principle that the population should have access to all areas of primary health care, including necessary dental care. Care should be based on scientific evidence and provided efficiently. The Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology of Mount Kenya University shall provide students with specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes to design and manufacture dental prosthetic devices (dentures, partial dentures, crowns and bridges) and orthodontic devices(both passive and active retainers). The programme will produce Dental Technicians and technologists who usually work in a commercial dental laboratory which is separate from the dental practice.

Programme Objectives

  1. Generate and impart knowledge, skills and attitudes that are pertaining to effective recognition and response to Dental Technology challenges.
  2. Prepare students academically and professionally for a career in Dental Technology.
  3. Produce competent graduates capable of conducting research and development. This is through critical analysis, problem-solving and life- long learning.  
  4. To develop and expand opportunities for individuals wishing to continue their education in the health science disciplines.
  5. Provide community service through consultation, advice, training, participation, moral and financial support to the community and other stakeholders.

Entry Requirements
To be admitted into the Diploma in Dental Technology programme, a student     must fulfill the following requirements:
a.)    A Mean grade of at least C (Plain) at Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) level or its equivalent.
C (Plain) in English ,C in Mathematics or Physical Science or Physics C- in any one of the following: -
Biology, Metal Work, Mathematics, Chemistry, General Science.

Exemptions and Credit Transfers

  1. Evidence supporting the application should include certified academic transcripts, certificates and a letter from the relevant registrar or authority
  2. Application for credit transfer will not be allowed three (3) weeks after the start of the semester / trimester unless granted permission by the University Senate.
  3. The University reserves the right to administer an appropriate test, through the relevant Department in order to determine whether exemption should be granted.

Programme Duration
Nine (9) Trimesters


Download the most recent fee structure here

Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

Progamme Start Dates.
Every January, May and Sept

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