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Diploma in Public Relations and Diplomacy

Course Rationale
This curriculum for Diploma in Public Relations and Diplomacy is designed to meet the challenges and demands affecting Kenyans in this area. The curriculum is also designed to provide interdisciplinary approaches for training Public relations professionals who need to work competitively in all fields and areas in the Public relations sector of this country and beyond

Why Study the Programme
The programme is intended to meet the competences, enhance innovativeness and creativity, Additionally, students learn the theories and skills necessary to help them execute each stage of the strategic planning process. Specifically, students learn mass communication and public relations theories and principles; research methods; journalistic writing; public relations techniques and tactics; and strategic planning.

Target Groups
The management of relationships between organizations and their stakeholders has to be good   in order to ensure the success of that organization. Professional and ethical public relations practitioners counsel need  to behave in socially responsible ways that will enable them to earn a positive reputation with their stakeholders. The strategic management of public relations is a four-step process that includes research, planning, implementation and evaluation. With this in mind the University heeded to the call and developed this programme to meet this need in the society.

Programme Objectives

  1. Explain the difference between Corporate Image and Identity.
  2. Describe Public relations activities and writing tasks.
  3. Explain corporate communications systems and the role of public relations specialists within the organizational environment .
  4. Develop a basic communication plan
  5. Understand the ethics, laws and responsibility of public relations.

Entry Requirements
To be admitted into the Diploma in Public Relations and Diplomacy programme, a student      must fulfill the following requirements:
a)    Aggregate mean grade of C (plain) and above  in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or any other relevant qualifications recognized by the senate  OR

b)    A Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with an average grade C- (C minus) and any other certificate relevant to the field.                OR

c)    Applicants who have not taken any of the above examinations must produce acceptable documentary evidence of having passed an examination of equivalent status.

Exemptions and Credit Transfers

  1. Evidence supporting the application should include certified academic transcripts, certificates and a letter from the relevant registrar or authority
  2. Application for credit transfer will not be allowed three (3) weeks after the start of the semester / trimester unless granted permission by the University Senate.
  3. The University reserves the right to administer an appropriate test, through the relevant Department in order to determine whether exemption should be granted.


Download the most recent fee structure here

Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

Programme Start Dates
Every January, May and Sept

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