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Bachelor of Arts In Public Administration

Course Rationale
The university conducted an extensive market survey prior to the designing of the programme where critical gaps in business professional development and training were identified. The BPA programme was designed to fill the gaps identified.  

Why study the programme
The programme is intended to fill the forgoing identified gaps in Public administration skills development in the following areas: -

  1. Ethics
  2. Administration
  3. Finance
  4. Management
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Human Resources Management
  7. Development
  8. Governance

Target Groups
In filling the gaps identified in the training of business professionals, the BPA programme is designed to recognize that its graduates will; inter alia.
a)    Have strong business orientation and management knowledge in order to provide management knowledge, skills and abilities that will

  1. Enable successful performance of manpower systems in business organizations
  2. Integrate all business organization systems
  3. Strategize business organization of levels and functions System.

b)     Exhibit strong ethical principles, good interpersonal communication values and virtues through

  1. Appropriate public administrators codes of conduct
  2. Effective and efficient trained team work
  3. Excellent work assignment and demonstration
  4. Being practically inquisitive and objective in achievements.

c)    Have strong analytic and critical thinking, knowledge, skills and abilities to

  1. Solve Public administration problems in business organizations
  2. Apply perspective and prospective Public administration concepts and information
  3. Conceptualize and systemize people, principles, procedures, and data in Public administration

d)    Design and implement Public administration solutions that enhance Public organizational performance

  1. Acquiring, processing, designing and storing Public administration information Modeling Public organizational processes, defining and managing them.

Programme Objectives
Upon completion of the prescribed course of study for Bachelor of Public Administration the graduate will have acquired knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to:

  1. Engage with people in different types of public organizations and departments on policy issues.
  2. Distinguish between and analyze different government systems and executive public sector structures.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the public sector environment and applying skills in key areas of public administration.
  4. Participate in the formulation, analysis and implementation of public financial policies.
  5. Integrate and apply knowledge and analytical skills from a variety of disciplines such as Political Science, Industrial Psychology and Economics in public sector management.
  6. Undertake research in public affairs
  7. Analyze report findings in public sector management

Entry Requirements
i)    KCSE or equivalent certificate with a minimum of C+ and grade C+ (plus) in both Mathematics and English or similar grades in an equivalent examination approved by the University Senate in liaison with CHE
ii)    KACE or equivalent Certificate with a minimum of the principles passes and O level Credit in Mathematics and English Language.
iii)    Diploma in relevant disciplines in the field of business and management from an institution recognized by the University Senate in liaison with CHE and which may be eligible for credit transfers on application as spelt out by the University’s credit transfer policy

i)    A holder of KCSE certificate or equivalent with a minimum of C+ and lacking clusters subjects, Mathematics and English languages as in (i) above.  The Candidate must score at least a C plain in the subject he/she is bridging in as in (i) above;
ii)    A holder of KACE certificate or equivalent with minimum of two principles and lacking O level clusters subject grades as in above.  The candidate must score in the subject in which he/she is bridging in as (ii)

i)    A holder of KCSE certificate or equivalent with a mean aggregate of C (plain) with C (plain) in Mathematics and English



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Application form

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