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Bachelor of Education Special Needs Education(Secondary Option)

Course Rationale

The University conducted an extensive market survey prior to the development designing of this programme where critical gaps in Bachelor of Education Special Needs were identified. The B.Ed. SNE (Primary Option) programme is therefore designed to fill the gaps arising from double intakes, lack of adequate SNE training institutions, demand for SNE graduates, and capacity building on SNE graduates for Primary Schools and Teachers Training Colleges.

Why study the programme
The goals of the Bachelor of Education Special Needs (Primary Option) Programme shall be to:

  1. Train graduates capable of handling children with special needs professionally.
  2. Prepare graduates who are practical in the teaching of learners with special needs.
  3. Meet the increasing demand in the labour market for teachers trained in special needs Education.
  4. Produce graduates who can apply scientific and technological knowledge, skills, and abilities in the dissemination of education to the youths having different difficulties.

Target Groups

The national need for special education teachers is expected to grow faster than the average for all other occupations. Our schools need caring, well-prepared and forward-looking special education teachers, as the quality of the bond between teachers and students is particularly important for the success of exceptional children. This program goes beyond best practices, prepares students to critically evaluate the literature on current and future practices.

The Constitution of Kenya (Chapter 4, Article 54 1(b)) enjoins upon all the appropriate stakeholders to “Ensure access to educational institutions and facilities for persons with disabilities that are integrated into society to the extent compatible with the interests of the person;

In this important context, Mount Kenya University provides for quality educational opportunities to be made available to children with disabilities as well, along with necessary infrastructural facilities and support services including trained teachers. The university seeks to ensure “that every child with disability has access to appropriate pre-school, primary, secondary and postsecondary level education by 2030.” In order to work towards realizing this huge target, the world needs a large cadre of appropriately and adequately trained teachers, apart from other requisite support services and technologies hence the design of Bachelor of Education special Needs Programme.

Programme Objectives
Upon successful completion of this programme, graduands of Bachelor of Education Special Needs (Primary Option) shall have acquired sufficient and up to date knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate methodologically and systematically, their practical skills, and abilities in controlling, handling, conducting, and administering various institutions as heads of SNE schools.
  2. Build, and nurture students and members of the teaching staff professionally towards educational development of the people of Kenya.
  3. Equip learners with both theoretical and practical skills in the field of Education, Science and Technology.

Entry Requirements
The following shall be the minimum requirements for admission into the Bachelor of Education Special Needs (Primary Option) Degree Programme:

  1. Mean grade C+ (plus) at KCSE or its Equivalent OR
  2. Mean grade C (Plain) at KCSE stage with Diploma in Special Needs Education from a recognized Institution. OR
  3. Diploma in Special Needs  Education (with Credit and above) from a recognized Institution with a mean grade  of C- (Minus) and two years teaching experience OR
  4. P1 certificate with a mean grade of C- (Minus) at KCSE level, with Diploma in Special Needs Education (with Pass) from a recognized Institution and two years teaching experience.


Download the most recent fee structure here

Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

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