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Certificate in Criminology and Security Management

Course Rationale

The rapid growth of crime in East Africa and the negative impact it is having on the region’s citizens and visitors, The growing need for highly qualified and dedicated professionals to tackle this problem. The complexity of criminal activity and the many unresolved criminal cases in the region have also heightened the need for more sophisticated and efficient crime fighting systems. In response to the demand, Mount Kenya University came up with this programme to solve this problem.

Why study the programme
The programme seeks to provide all students with a broad understanding of the functions, roles and critical issues within all the components of criminal justice. It also seeks to equip majors with the necessary knowledge, insight and sensitivity to occupy positions in public and private criminal justice agencies and to encourage further professional development and graduate education.

Target Groups

In presenting Certificate in Criminology, the faculty is meeting the national needs on capacity building in the police, prison and private security firms. Sociology provides a rich knowledge directly concerning these institutions. It offers research techniques and contributes to institutional reforms particularly in criminology and security studies. The Programme is designed for students or clients who wish to pursue careers in police services, forensic investigations, human Rehabilitation services and security management. Thus, the graduates of this programme will be prepared to take up managerial positions in the public sector especially in; the police service, prisons and probation departments. The private sector will find the graduates useful in security management and related roles. In general, it is expected that this programme will complement and sustain the professionalization of the police, prison and probation services in East Africa and beyond.

Programme Objectives

  1. To provide a detailed knowledge and understanding of theoretical explanation of crime and criminal behavior.
  2. To explain the ways that uncontrollable forces of biological, psychological, ecological, physiological and sociological nature contribute to offending behavior.
  3. To introduce the learner to the concept of the law and procedures as they relate to the study of criminology, security and risk management.
  4. To enable the student to develop a detailed knowledge of different aspects of crime.
  5. To enable the student to appreciate and apply risk management theories.
  6. To enable the student to understand how to analyze and manage risk.
  7. To introduce the student to different patterns of offending and different approaches to prevention.

Entry Requirements
The entry requirements set out below must be regarded as minimum requirements which, in no way directly entitle an applicant to a place in the university. The following requirements must be fulfilled: -

  1. KCSE certificate with a minimum of grade C - minus or equivalent qualification recognized by University senate.
  2. An O’ level mean grade of Division III or equivalent
  3. An A’ Level qualification with a minimum of two subsidiary passes or equivalent.

Exemptions and credit transfers

  1. Evidence supporting the application should include certified academic transcripts, certificates and a letter from the relevant registrar or authority
  2. Application for credit transfer will not be allowed three (3) weeks after the start of the semester / trimester unless granted permission by the University Senate.
  3. The University reserves the right to administer an appropriate test, through the relevant Department in order to determine whether exemption should be granted.


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Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

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