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Certificate in Project Management

Course Rationale
Mount Kenya University mission propose to provide world class standards in training. With the advent of Modern Science and Technology, the education system in Kenya has undergone drastic changes in the past four decades or so. The changes have affected many courses of study that are being governed by market demands.   The employers are equally keen on the type of graduate being    produced by Kenyan Universities. This curriculum of Certificate in Project Management is therefore designed to meet these challenges and demands affecting Kenya’s.

Why study the programme

Students who complete this course should be able to:

  1. Explain the characteristics of organisational approaches to project management
  2. Understand the core competencies required to make an effective project manager including communication, leadership, motivation, negotiation and team building skills
  3. Understand the concepts of stakeholders, success criteria and critical success factors in the context of projects
  4. Evaluate the importance of effective management of the project life cycle
  5. Be able to apply methods, tools and techniques for planning, monitoring and controlling projects and for managing risk
  6. Create a project plan
  7. Understand the various roles and the importance of the project office.

Target Groups

The programme has been designed to satisfy the specifications of project planning with regard to the generic knowledge and requirements providing players in project planning services at the lower levels. The business sector is growing and there is growing gap in the manpower requirements at such levels. Therefore, students who successfully complete this Certificate Programme will have a good understanding of project planning. The products of the programme will in effect counter the rapid increase in the demand for trained personnel in project planning

Programme Objectives
By the end of the Programme Learner will have Knowledge on:-

  1. How to evaluate the range of models and theories to facilitate strategic planning and change management processes
  2. Know the theory, skills and tools to manage development projects effectively and efficiently
  3. Have the necessary knowledge and skills to manage finances in an accountable, transparent manner within public sector context
  4. Critique the key human resource management principles, processes, theories and models relevant to the public and development sector
  5. Be familiar with the South African Labour Relations Act and related legislation to deal with unions and disputes in the work place
  6. Know the procedures and tools to manage conflict in the workplace
  7. Explore and critique public service policies and processes related to service delivery issues and sustainable development

Entry Requirements
The entry requirements set out below must be regarded as minimum requirements which, in no way directly entitle an applicant to a place in the university. The following requirements must be fulfilled: -

  1. KCSE certificate with a minimum of grade C - minus or equivalent qualification recognized by University senate.
  2. An O’ level mean grade of Division III or equivalent
  3. An A’ Level qualification with a minimum of two subsidiary passes or equivalent

Exemptions and credit transfers

  1. Evidence supporting the application should include certified academic transcripts, certificates and a letter from the relevant registrar or authority
  2. Application for credit transfer will not be allowed three (3) weeks after the start of the semester / trimester unless granted permission by the University Senate.
  3. The University reserves the right to administer an appropriate test, through the relevant Department in order to determine whether exemption should be granted.


Download the most recent fee structure here

Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

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