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Certificate in Education (Early childhood Studies)

Course Rationale

Early childhood is the period from conception to age 8, a period that presents a developmental continuum, according to the theoretical framework of developmental psychology and learning theories. The term ‘Care’ has been added in recognition of the fact that young children need care and nurturing. In addition to their health and nutritional needs, their psychosocial and emotional needs also have to be met adequately for their holistic development. The term Education covers learning, a process of acquiring knowledge, skills, habits, attitudes, etc. It also indicates an important focus, to prepare the young child to enter the formal educational stream/system. Thus Early Childhood Education is a Critical Stage in the development of Children hence the Need to have Professionals with relevant skills and Competentence to handle child care needs. In Response to this need Mount Kenya University came up with a programme in Early Childhood Education.

Why study the programme
The goals of the proposed programme shall be to:

  1. Prepare graduates who are practical in the teaching profession.
  2. Meet the increasing demand in the labour market for pre-school teachers
  3. Produce graduates who can apply scientific and technological knowledge, skills, and abilities in the dissemination of education to Pre-school children.

Target Groups

This program has been designed to:

  1.  Produce highly qualified and skilled ECDE graduates who will provide much needed quality ,timely and accessible child care and community services
  2. The curriculum shall prepare ECDE graduates for both public, private institutions and non governmental organization.

Programme Objectives
Upon successful completion of this programme, graduates of Certificate in Early Childhood Education will have acquired knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate methodologically and systematically, their practical skills, and abilities in teaching and administering pre-school and other children institutions.
  2. Build, and nurture students towards educational development of the people of Kenya.
  3. Equip learners with both theoretical and practical skills in the field of Education, Science and Technology.

Entry Requirements
The following shall be the minimum University entry requirements for admission to the certificate course in early childhood of Mount Kenya University.

  1. A Minimum Score of C- (minus) in KCSE
  2. Foundation certificate and a mean grade of D+ in KCSE

Programme duration and Fees

  • The Certificate in Early Childhood Education course of study shall be of one academic year duration. This is divided into 2 trimesters.
  • The Certificate in Community Development and Social Work shall be offered over a minimum of one (1) year of study, usually called academic year and a maximum of (2) years
  • Each academic year shall consist of two semesters
  • Each semester is equivalent to 10 weeks of study and 2 weeks of examinations.
  • There shall be an industrial service attachment of twelve (12) weeks between 3th and 4th semester that is at the end of year 1, semester 2.
  • The course shall be offered in terms of course units, a course unit being defined as 3 credit hours


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Application form

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