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Meet the trendsetting trio of job creators

The mantra “be a job creator, not a job seeker” has been used so often in MKU circles that it has evolved into a reflex. But for these three students from Mombasa Campus, they have embraced the mantra, perfected it, and are now living it out.

Bonfic Mochache
Programme: Bachelor of Business Management
Age: 30
His enterprise: CoastaldeSalsa, a six-member group of Salsa dancers that performs at corporate and high profile social events.
Average monthly income: Ksh80,000
Number of employees: Six
He says: “I discovered my passion for dancing when I was a kid. I even have a dance floor in my house. Why not profit from this passion? We have performed at Serena Beach Hotel, Miss Tourism Mombasa event, Mr and Miss MKU, and we were the star show at Flamingo Hotel’s New Year Eve’s party.

Cyprian Kilonzo Cyprian Kilonzo Cyprian Kilonzo
Programme: Masters of Business Administration (Strategic Management)
Age: 30
His enterprises: Jubilant Kenya (the flagship), Jubilant Capital Integrity Solar Systems, Finito Security Services, Faida Capital and Talantas Insurance Agency Ltd.
Annual turnover: Ksh100 million
Number of employees: 63
He says: “A few years ago, I used to conduct Christian Missions and I realized the words of encouragement I shared with the congregation on financial success wasn’t enough. Why not start something that would actually be beneficial to them? The community microfinance was thus born. You can achieve all you want in life. It’s simply a matter of choice. My dream is to have 10 profitable companies by the time I’m 40.”


Linet KariukiLinet KariukiLinet Kariuki
Programme: Bachelor of Business Management (Supplies and Procurement Management)
Age: 22
Her enterprise: Linda Africa Security Services, whose vision is “to be the most recognized security company in the provision of customer focused, personal and corporate security services in Kenya.”
Number of employees: 15
She says: “Insecurity is a major challenge facing government, business, private and public institutions. Modern organisations are adopting a proactive approach using electronic technology, which seek to pre-empt and minimize the occurrence of an attack or destruction of property and persons. To effectively implement this, a well-trained personnel to and the systems and be able to detect any criminal activity, is a must. We, at Linda Africa Security Services have dedicated a lot of resources in the training of high caliber guards to man facilities, such as yours. A good insurance package is not adequate, as businesses are looking for continuity in their daily operations and not only the ability to recoup losses.”

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