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Department Of Management

To be a world class center in training research and innovation in business management and leadership

To provide, build and develop topnotch managers for sustainable growth and prosperity in a globally competitive economy

Programs offered.


Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration & Management:

  1. Strategic Organizational Leadership & Management,
  2. Marketing,Entreprenuership & Small Business Management,
  3. Human Resources & Organizational Management


  1. Master of Public Administration
  2. Master of Science in Procurement


  1. Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management
  2. Bachelor of Business Management Options:
    1. Marketing Management,
    2. Human Resource Management,
    3. Banking and Finance,
    4. Entrepreneurship, Risk and
    5. Insurance Management,
    6. International Business Management,
    7. Supplies and Procurement Management,
    8. Accounting
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration


  1. Diploma in Human Resource Management.
  2. Diploma in Business Management
  3. Diploma in Marketing Management
  4. Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  5. Diploma in Purchasing and Procurement Management
  6. Diploma in Project Management
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