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A feel of the Great Rift Plaza, home of Nakuru Campus

The building housing Mount Kenya University (MKU) Nakuru Campus is a magnificent structure located in a quiet area in Nakuru town.

Previously, MKU Nakuru was housed in Resma Plaza on Oginga Odinga Street. A growing student population meant that the university would need more spacious premises. The university opted to construct one for itself. The Great Rift Plaza was the result. The campus occupied it in 2016.

The exterior design depicts a centre of learning. There is a book and a hand that holds the world, symbolising the power of education to the universe.

The security desk is manned by professionally-trained officers who handle the university clients with dignity. Security checks are thorough and well-coordinated for the safety of the whole MKU family.

A view of Nakuru CampusA view of Nakuru Campus


The customer care office past the parking lot reflects the beautiful face of the university. The exterior is made up of transparent walls to let in natural light.

The waiting bay inside is a luxurious and spacious lounge. The furniture are comfy, and guests can sample copies of university magazines and other journals that give them company at the coffee table. On the wall is a digital television set. Hence, there is never a dull moment at the customer care desk.

The customer care officers manning the desk are professionals with vast knowledge about the operations of the whole university. Talk of elegance; the customer care desk is as welcoming as it can be.


At the basement of the Great Rift Plaza is the university clinic and science laboratories.

A student centre will soon be ready for use. It will comprise a gym, kitchenette, facilities for indoor games and a common room where students can watch television and get entertainment. The whole area is connected with free Wi-Fi.


On the other tip of the building, the rooftop, are study villas. Students can take some time off lecture halls and the library to study in these open structures that also provide a refreshing view of Nakuru town. The cool breeze relaxes the mind.

The study villas are fitted with power ports where users can charge their laptops.

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