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End of Semester Indoor Sports competition & Entertainment

The academic calendar for this semester has hit the homestretch. For Certificate and Diploma students who have finished their exams, we congratulate you. As Bachelor students prepare for their exams as well, we encourage you to work hard and follow exam rules and regulations.

It's a wrap for Jan/May 2019 Semester and Student leaders have lined up Sports competition and entertainment during the awarding ceremony for winners with special performance by Femi one.

The event dubbed End of Semester Indoor Sports will take place today.

The games include:

  1. Soccer (Men & ladies)
  2. Pool tables
  3. Chess
  4. Badminton
  5. Table tennis

Mount Kenya University is blessed with different cultures, religions, races and talents. Therefore, we encourage students to attend these events and showcase their talent and bond with fellow students.

It's not just a Friday, it's a day filled with Sports and Entertainment.

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