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MKU Dons Attend Workshop in Neu-Ulm Germany

Mount Kenya University academicians have attended a workshop at German Universities of Applied Sciences as part of the 2-year training (2018/2019). MKU is represented by the academic team: Dean School of Pure and Applied Sciences, Dr. Mary Muriuki, the Dean School of Engineering, Energy, and the Build Environment, Eng. Fredrick Mulei, Director, Technical Support, Content Development and Design| Directorate of Open, Distance and E-Learning (DIBeL), Dr. Henry Yatich and an administrative staff, Director DIBeL, Mr. Moses Nderitu


The workshop is focused on equipping the University Dons with model of the German Universities of Applied Sciences concepts. The key pillars of UAS are Applied Research, Applied Teaching/Learning, and Technology Transfer. Among the topic handled included


  1. Initiating university partnership conceptual seminars for both undergraduate and post-graduate students
  2. Enrich/re-structuring curriculum to incorporate, serving learning projects, problem based learning
  3. Enrich the blended learning to incorporate online video and install messaging
  4. Sensitization/capacity building at faculty and university management
  5. Intentions concerning applied research labs
  6. Introduce problem based research and projects
  7. Promote inter- and trans-disciplinary collaborative research
  8. Involvement and Masters and PhD and existing research projects/grants
  9. Encourage research heading to innovations as opposed to basic research
  10. Involvement of SMEs in research work in order to enhance the quality of their products
  11. Set up industry focused labs for training

The Director DIBeL was trained on Digital Education and Learning.

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