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Programme for rehearsal for the 16th graduation ceremony

on  Thursday 8th August 2019
9.00am Graduands’ Procession Assembles in Order of Schools Prof. K. K. Mutundu
9.15am The Graduands’ Procession enters the Graduation Square in Order of Schools Prof. K. K. Mutundu
10.00am The Chancellor’s Academic Procession Assembles Director, MKU Foundation
10.15am The Chancellor’s Procession enters the Graduation Grounds and takes position in the Pavilion - Director, MKU Foundation
- Protocol Team
10.45am National Anthem
MKU Anthem
MKU Brass Band
11.00am The Vice-Chancellor constitutes the Assembly into the Congregation of the 16th Graduation Ceremony of Mount Kenya University Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies
11.10am Prayers
  • University Chaplain/University Imam
  • Master of Ceremony/
- Registrar, Academic Affairs
11.30am Entertainment Entertainment Groups
11.45am Addresses
Merit Awards
- Representatives (see order of addresses)
- Dean, School of Business and Economics
12.00pm Presentation of Graduands’ Names and Conferment of Degrees and Award of Diplomas and Certificates - Principal, DIBEL
- Deans of Schools
12.15pm Professional Oaths - Dean, School of Pharmacy
- Dean, School of Nursing
- Dean, School of Clinical Medicine
- Dean, Medical School
- HoD, Department of Animal Health
12.30pm Vice-Chancellor Dissolves the 16th Congregation Ceremony Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies
12.35pm National Anthem MKU Brass Band
12.50pm Chancellor’s Academic Procession Director, MKU Foundation
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