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Distance Learning Course Assessment Calendar

All distance learning lecturers and students are hereby notified of the below timelines and expectations:
  1. CAT 1 (Diploma and Certificate) online uploading was on 13th October,2019
  2. CAT II (Diploma and Certificate) to be uploaded in the VLMS by 27th October, 2019.
  3. CAT I & II GRADING and PULLING (Diploma and Certificate) in the VLMS: deadline 15th November, 2019
  4. CAT I & II GRADING and PULLING (DIBel) in the VLMS: deadline 20th November, 2019
  5. CAT I & II GRADING and PULLING (Degree) in the VLMS: deadline 30th November, 2019
  6. Confirmation of EXAMINATION CENTRES: before 27th October, 2019.
  7. DIPLOMA Examinations: from 18th November to 29th November, 2019.
  8. DIBeL Examinations: from 2nd to 5th December, 2019.
  9. DEGREE Examinations: from 9th to 22nd December, 2019.
Kindly note that generation of exam card by students is linked to coursework marks in the M.I.S

​Please Note:
  1. Acceptance Forms to be submitted to the ODEL office on or before 18th October, 2019
  2. All submitted CATs should be marked and marks transferred to the MIS
  3. All Lecturers are expected to interact online using SAKAI tools twice a week. This will be monitored and the report will be forwarded to finance for payments for online teaching.
Thank You
Dr. Ronald Maathai
Registrar, Academic Administration
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