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In their own words: PhD graduates testify

Munyiri Nyaga Ignatius
“It has been a difficult journey, but through the grace of God, I have made it. The university supported me greatly by assigning to me informed and caring supervisors who guided me well throughout the study.”

Nickson Lumwangi Augusioma
“My PhD training at MKU demanded sacrifice and determination. Determined, committed lecturers and supervisors who are up to the task made my success possible.”

Tom Ongesa
“I recognise the support of the MKU fraternity, especially the School of Business and Economics, as well as the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, for their tireless coordination and informative role. I look forward to using my new knowledge for the betterment of our nation.”

2020 Ph.D graduands2020 Ph.D graduands

Stanley Adika Kevogo
“My time at MKU stimulated abundant intellectual and personal growth for me. I worked with distinguished
academics and highly motivated peers who valued professionalism and cared about my growth and success. The enthusiasm of working on cutting-edge research projects and publishing my work in peer reviewed journals has been enormously rewarding.”

 Alex Umbima Kevogo

“My experience with the PhD programme at MKU is generally illuminating. I have acquired invaluable knowledge, skills and expertise through the thorough and rigorous process. I am happy to have enrolled for my PhD aspirations.”

Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey
“I was motivated to apply for further studies at MKU in September 2014, aged 69. I informed a Kenyan friend that I wanted to study for a PhD. My friend suggested: ‘Why don’t you do that at Mount Kenya University? It’s a good university.’ I have totally changed intellectually and now possess world knowledge and the legacy of late age study. I shall remain with the MKU Alumni and participate effectively, promoting this esteemed African university.”

 Issak Maalim Adow

“The experiences I have encountered have immensely benefitted me. It has been a long journey with lots of assignments to undertake, which require a lot of man-hours and deep commitment at all times. I have had enough support from the School of Education and overall university management in the pursuit of my PhD.”

Rosemary Wairimu Munene
“I started my PhD studies in April 2013. Due to the positive student-supervisor relationship with my two supervisors, who would not let me slack, I am now set to graduate. My PhD journey in MKU has taught
me to share and consult freely. I sincerely appreciate the MKU management and particularly the office of the Dean, School of Education, for being there for us all the time.”

Bundi Marete Jacob
“My PhD studies have not been easy sailing, but my expert supervisors travelled with me throughout the journey. I will be forever grateful to them. Hard work and resilience pays. My experience in management has been deepened by my PhD in leadership and management. Thank you MKU for unrivalled information technology, which aids research. Thank you everybody at MKU who has touched students’ academic lives positively.”

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