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Notice to all Dibel students taking Physics and Chemistry

This is to inform you that the face-to-face practicals for those taking Physics and Chemistry are scheduled as follows: 

  1. Practicals for the units taken in May-August 2020 semester
  2. Practicals for the units being offered in Sep-Dec 2020 semester - 5th December, 2020 and 6th December, 2020 

The practicals will be conducted in the labs in the respective campuses. 


  1. These practicals are compulsory for the students taking physics and chemistry.
  2. You will not be allowed to sit for examinations for the units in which you have not undertaken the practicals.
  3. The schedule for the practicals is attached.
  4. You will be supposed to seek your own accommodation for the four days.

Thank you.

Dr. Ronald G. Maathai
Registrar, Academic Administration

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