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Scholarship 2014/2015 Apply now !!!


The University Strategic Plan (2008 – 2018) recognized expansion of access to higher education as a requisite strategy to effective development of national human capital. Pursuant to the University Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and expanding access to higher education, the University Council has established a Scholarship Scheme and Students Discretionary Tuition Waiver Scheme.

The Scholarship Scheme and Students Discretionary Tuition Waiver aims at enhancing realization of the University Strategic Objectives on expanding access to higher education and support Mount Kenya University (MKU) students’ educational academic aspirations.


  1. Eligibility
    1. Applicant must have applied to join Mount Kenya University
    2. Applicant must have qualified to undertake Mount Kenya University Bachelors Degree Programme
    3. Applicant must fill the prescribed scholarship application form
    4. Applicant must be form four leavers (KCSE 2013 graduates).
  2. Criteria of Awarding Points
    1. Academic Competence
    2. Economic Background
    3. Being an Orphan/Challenged person.
    4. Talent(s)
    5. Leadership ability
    6. Recommendations by recognized institutions
    7. Regional balance/County balance

Student Discretionary Tuition Waiver

  1. Eligibility
    1. Applicant must have been a student of Mount Kenya University for not less than two (2) semesters/trimesters.
    2. Applicant must complete the prescribed application form.
    3. Applicant must be enrolled full time in a Mount Kenya University Diploma or Degree Programme.
  2. Criteria of Awarding Points
    1. Academic Competence
    2. Gender balance
    3. Financial Challenges
    4. Regional Balance/County balance
    5. Talents
    6. Recommendation by recognized organizations


  1. Application forms can be downloaded here:
    1. Scholarship application form
    2. Tuition Waver application form
  2. Applications should be received by Friday, 26th of June 2014 and must be addressed to:

The Registrar, Academic Affairs
Mount Kenya University
P O Box 342 – 01000

NB: Please indicate “Scholarship” or “Student Discretionary Tuition Waiver” on the envelope. Those who had already sent application letters should fill the application forms.

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