The future is Digital; Adapt & Adopt E-learning

Why e-learning is good for you, the end of "ghost students"


One may wonder who are "ghost students" since the term "ghost" is majorly associated with workers who are paid for not working. Thanks to corona virus, it has and will put and end to (ghost students) eventually leading to well read students as more (students) will be required to put in extra effort in their studies.


Normally, September as is with January and May Intakes, the University is streaming with new students famously referred to as "freshmen" escorted with parents, guardians, sponsors, siblings to start a new life in the University. This year however, it has been different since the arrival of Corona virus since all registration and learning will be done online. It clearly shows us why change is inevitable and the need to adapt, fast.


For most students, until the introduction of biometrics (in class) the learning process was perhaps largely a lecturer affair;- show up in lecture halls- project notes - teach- issue cats and administer exams, with students only showing up for lectures at their own convenience and later for examinations. This encouraged and to an extent created "The Absentee student" whereby students would miss lectures then show up for CATs and examinations.


Meet Ismail Ibrahim Likwembe




YEAR: 1st year 2nd Semester

Why did you choose Kenya?
Kenya was one of the countries I had dreamt of joining after I complete my form 6. The general lifestyle of Kenyans is relatively similar to thatof Tanzanians. I was convinced it will be easy for me to live and study in Kenya than in any other country. How could I forget language advantage? Kenya, like my country Tanzania speak Kiswahili hence I'll not have challenges in communication.

What made you choose Mount Kenya University?
Mount Kenya University is one of the best universities in Kenya and East Africa, specifically in the field of Medicine of which I was highly interested in. Affordable tuition fees, fully equipped and advanced facilities that assist students in learning. Facilities such as the Modern Anatomy Laboratories, Microbiology and Physiology Labs, enough lecturers and other educational instructors attracted me to MKU.


The Future is Digital, Embrace it now

Technology is redefining the way humans interact with machines, and digital disruption is inevitable. The world has fast changed and there is need to adapt. From trading to learning, everything has become digitalized.


COVID-19 has forced us to rethink the education system, social distancing measures in response to the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) have closed schools, affecting close to 2 billion students globally.


In the middle of a pandemic of big proportions like the COVID-19, digitalized learning has ensured continued class work progress and keeping safe during that same period. Teachers and students alike have kept social distances and kept learning, all thanks to digital embraces. Learning material is also a click a way and easily accessible.


Meet Angelique Redempta Icyishaka

NAME: Angelique Redempta Icyishaka
COURSE: Bachelor of medicine and surgery

Why did you choose Kenya?

I chose Kenya for my higher education because of it's top quality education in East Africa, diverse culture and career opportunities.

What made you choose Mount Kenya University?

I chose MKU because it is among a few private universities in Kenya offering quality and affordable Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Also, how large and diverse it is, which will help me create more networks and opportunities to help land internships and jobs.

Apart from your studies, do you participate in Co-curricular activities? Sports, leadership, clubs & associations?
I am a member of Christian medical fellowship(CMF) of Kenya, MKU chapter.