MKU Football Teams

In our Sports feature this week, our lenses are zoomed in on Outdoor Games, specifically Football. The most loved sport in the world is also available at Mount Kenya University. We are lucky to have both Football Men and Ladies sides. 

It is worth noting that co curricular activities help maintain balance in the busy academic life further, boost mental and physical health, horning your talent notwithstanding.



Vice-Chancellor address during students orientation



  • Opening Remarks

Ladies and gentlemen, on 17th September, 2020, I addressed you (the new students) virtually. The virtual address was on passion and purpose. It is again my pleasure to address you today and to welcome you to Mount Kenya University.


Meet Jactone Tindi Odera

Jactone Odera speaks on why we should all join a dance group this year.


“Co curricular activities play a major role in mental health” Jactone Odera

Last year was a challenging year for all and sundry. With governments the world over establishing and enforcing COVID-19 rules and guidelines through curfews, mandatory wearing of face masks, public campaign and awareness of regular hand washing and social distancing.

Employees were also required to work from home as learners embraced online learning. With the larger population forced to stay indoors, last year shot boredom levels over the roof leading to sedentary lifestyle. As the semester stretches with ending of Sept/Dec 2020/2021 exams, a busy semester awaits. Reminiscent of that, it's important that you engage in co curricular activities to combat the stress arising from studies.

Jactone Tindi Odera 4th year Clinical Medicine and Community Health student passionate about dancing shares his thoughts on what he loves and why we should all join start dancing or at least participate more in co curricular activities.


Resumption of face-to-face learning

YOUR HEALTH STARTS WITH YOU: Why Personal responsibility is key to protecting your life & those of your friends

Pursuant to the University MEMO on resumption of face-to-face learning, Thika campus has been a beehive of activities with parents streaming in to admit their sons and daughters. Student leaders and continuing students have also been around guiding parents and students alike to various offices and giving a hand.


Mount Kenya University community continues to grow as new students eager to quench their academic thirst join their colleagues. Continuing students are urged to help freshmen acclimatize and settle in their new home.